Three Basic Ways To Retain Personal Training Clients


The personal training business seems very focused on getting new clients all the time. We of course need new clients but should be focusing on this more than keeping the existing one’s? I am not sure. There are hundreds of ways to retain clients but I have found these three are the best foundation to work off.

Number one is basic manners. This is not rocket science but is so often overlooked as a key skill that is required. How many times do people turn up late or look terrible? Quite a few I would imagine. If someone is willing to invest hundreds or even thousands of pounds in you and your services then it is important to show up on time and smile I think! These are basics but I have seen so many trainers look miserable or even worse stand there checking their phone whilst training clients. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were the same trainers complaining that they can’t get new clients through the door.

Number two is kindness. When was the last time you went the extra mile for a client and did something really nice? It seems that some people are afraid of doing small kind gestures because of all the negativity in the world today. I seriously recommend doing this as it will make a huge difference in retention rates. Small gifts, remembering birthdays or events are things to start with. You can also do things to recognise achievements as well like well done cards. These skills are vital in connecting with people.

Number three is honesty. In today’s economy it is very easy to just take money off people because they are willing to pay us. This is OK unless you haven’t had an honest chat about what the clients expectations are (which is an article by itself really) When I say honesty, I don’t mean telling a client that they are overweight and they need to sort themselves out (like they do on the TV) This is about clearly defining expectations at the start so results can be delivered in a way that is realisitic way to avoid disappointment and the loss of a client.

So, manners, kindness and honesty are the three pillars of my business and it seems to work well. The financial rewards and structure come after this in my opinion and you can’t build a business without solid foundations. You earn in the short term but long term you will always be spending time and money trying to recruit new clients instead of looking after your existing clients.

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