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We all know that training can be a monotonous experience usually made easier with music to help motivate you and increase your chances of sticking it out. For this reason most runners will train together to alleviate the rigors of training and boredom. I am sure you have shared the experience of jogging with colleagues and used each other as motivation when one or both of you are struggling through the exercise. It could be having a conversation all be it a little strained at times, to help entertain each other especially if there is no visual stimulation to take your mind of the monotonous and repetitive aspects of training. What happens when you are running by your self? Well most will listen to music as a replacement to a training partner. Now this is all well and good when you are participating in land based exercises. What happens when your chosen training exercise is swimming?

Swimming is a great exercise but unfortunately, is a solo exercise which requires you to spend all of the time isolated from conversation and in your own mind. Now for some, this can be ideal and be used as a meditative form of exercise, but for others it can be hard to concentrate on the task at hand as it becomes too boring and usually results in a shorter than expected exercise work out.

Not any more. In the last few years the market is being inundated with waterproof mp3 players, waterproof mp3 pouches and waterproof headphones. All designed to make water based exercises more enjoyable and motivate you through the struggles of increased work rate. Remember the Rocky movies? surely you would agree that these soundtracks (think ‘eye of the tiger’), help lift your work rate and intensity, pushing you to sprint up those final few steps with your arms raised high in triumph!

Make a play list to suit your workout/training regime

So plan ahead. Know how long your training routine or work out is and make a music mix based on the journey you want to pursue. Lets imagine that you know that at the 20 minute mark of every training workout you struggle and need help to keep up your tempo, well make sure to incorporate a song which will start playing at this time to help motivate you till second wind kicks in. Perhaps you bolt out of the gates and expend all your energy at the start of your session, leaving you nothing left in the tank for the rest of your work out. You could consider starting your play list with a more relaxed tune that will help you maintain a slower start to allow you a more lengthy and consistent work out.

As you can see, music is a great training buddy, especially if you are using swimming as your preferred training method. Gone are the days of swimming laps in silence, bored by the monotonous stroke after stroke in your own mind. There is now no excuses for not training because of boredom. With a little foresight and planning music can help benefit to swim those pounds away. So get yourself a waterproof mp3 player and headphone and swim laps with music in your ears.

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