Personal Trainer Marketing During the Holiday Season


As personal trainers we have to be marketing constantly to make sure that we have a steady flow of incoming clients.

To me, the best form of marketing has been to make sure that my current clients are happy. Every year around the holidays I send out Christmas cards that double as thank you cards to every single client I have. It is a time consuming event, but when the clients see just how much you appreciate their business they will want to stick with you even longer.

If you have not already started doing so, I would recommend you get a marketing plan together for the start of the New Year. I would start by sending out a second round of cards to your current clients asking them to send you friends as referrals. By providing them with a substantial discount on a month of training you will have a very good likelihood of having new clients referred to you!

The month of December is a historically slow month for my studio, so I have my trainers spend slow parts of their day calling clients asking for referrals, calling local businesses and offering to have their employees train for free in December (it’s slow in December with normal clients out of town, so give a few hours a week away for free and land some new clients) and planning their goals and how they will obtain them in 2011.

I hope you find this info helpful and I hope you take advantage of the holiday season. While it may be a slow period for new clients, it can absolutely be a period where you cement relationships with existing clients.

Nicholas Wood is the owner of Motivational Personal Training, a private personal training studio in San Antonio, TX.

He is also the owner of [] an online website retailer that sells SEO websites for personal trainers in numerous areas around the country.

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