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Overview: Offers 24 pieces of exercise/workout equipment. Half of the equipment is cardio and the other half if strength training. Each member goes through all the pieces of equipment at least one time per workout session. The workout sessions vary by the time spent on each piece of equipment. The time spent on the equipment is determined by the club each day and is conveyed to each member via CD that is played during each workout session. There are no weights to change. All the equipment is hydraulic and the club sets the tension for each piece of equipment. In other words, you don’t have to think about the equipment or plan out a fitness strategy… you just go and have fun!

Goals of the Members: Weight loss, body toning, friendship, Doctor’s orders for various health problems which some include depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, rehabilitation, and menopause. Cost: A visit to the club would be necessary to determine the right program for the individual. However, generally it ranges from $29 – $35 per month with about $60 in up front fees. (Very reasonably priced for anyone on a budget.) You may also be required to sign a one-year contract. Time Needed: Usually starts at 3 workouts per week, and expands from there. Each workout encompasses 30 minutes per session, with a 5-minute warm up prior to working out and another 5-minute stretch at the end of the session. Some members workout 5 to 6 times a week. A day off between workouts is not necessary with Resistance

Training as it is with other exercise programs. Gender and Age Group: Ladies only. The age group can be from 12 on up. Motivation:

Offers different workout programs on a daily basis, moving equipment around, personal service, and goal setting. Fitness Strategies:

Aerobic, Strength Training, Flexibility Risk of Injury: There is no risk of injury as long as the member follows instructions. They give each member a very thorough orientation on each piece of equipment and are always watching the members as they exercise. Nutritional Information: The staff are not certified nutritionists. Contact Info: one that is nearest to your home.)Thanks to Maggie Beesley owner of the Southampton, PA branch.Come and visit the NutriCounter web site ( for more fitness center reviews.

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