Getting Your Muscles Full, Hard & Shredded


Achieving a tremendous physique with dense, eye-catching & powerful muscles is actually an “easy-to-do” process.

Actually, boosting your metabolism while maintaining muscles to their highest level, can be easily achieved with a cost-effective and *enjoyable* nutritional plan.

— Quality Carbohydrate Sources that will get your muscles dense and full. —

Rice, pasta and baked potatoes are excellent sources of energy that effectively “breed” muscles with pure, crystal-clear energy.

Read/White meat, tuna, fillet and egg whites will provide your system with the daily protein quantity to maintain a constant anabolic phase and induce muscle-growth.

Consume 4-6 small meals per day for optimal “thermogenic” and muscle-building procedure.

Add to your plan fruits and vegetables to cover-up your daily vitamin needs.

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Drink ample mineral water (~a gallon/day)to induce your system to “dump” hazardoustoxical substances, while keeping your muscles flexible and “pumped-up”.

Your latest meal should be consumed at least 2 hours before sleep, and no later than 21:30 PM.

Your pre-workout snack could be fruits puffed with honey and 200 ML of orange juice (30′ prior).

A bottle of cool, mineral water while exercising is just what the doctor ordered.

Keep up with this basic plan and along with a highly-intensive bodybuilding program, and you’re guaranteed to witness your muscles *burst*.

Keep your spirit high,

George Papazoglou

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