Replace Tummy Flabs With Six Pack Abs


Tired of that flabby midsection getting in the way of your sexy, inner self? Too many people spend countless hours in the gym performing the wrong exercises over and over again to no avail. Both women and men are constantly on the search for the red carpet body. Celebrities have it, but they also pay thousands of dollars to a personal trainer for detailed dietary plans and two a day exercise routines.

Finally – The Truth About Six Pack Abs Revealed

Here is the secret to getting the body you want in less time – diet, exercise, and dedication. Seems easy enough, but there is more to it than eating less, moving more, and working hard.

Reduce the Estrogen – Foods like kidney beans and broccoli offer protein and low calories, but they cause the body to store estrogen. More estrogen means increased body fat stores and that is not going to help show off those abdominal muscles. The truth about six pack abs is you need to cut estrogen-storing foods.

Work Out the Right Way – One million sit-ups will not burn fat stored on your stomach. The days of crunching for hours are over. Losing body fat requires total body workouts that burn calories faster, increase metabolism, and increase happy hormones. One research study noted significantly higher serotonin (happy hormone) levels in long distance runners. The effect is addictive, which leads to the third requirement – dedication.

Dedicated Need Only Apply – You cannot discover the truth about six pack abs without having dedication to weight loss and exercise. The right exercise will increase those happy hormones and that means your body will naturally want to work out every day!

If your workouts seem useless and your gym time leaves you feeling tired and mentally wasted, maybe you are eating the wrong foods and working out the wrong muscles.

Learn Specific Foods, Exercises, and Abs Workout Routines

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