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Finally, a program designed specifically to jump higher, fun faster, and move quicker. The Jump Manual is the most comprehensive vertical jump guide on the market today.

Vertical Jump Training is essential to becoming an elite athlete. After undergoing the training program found inside The Jump Manual you will be able to block more shots, drive by opponents with a quicker first step, grab more rebounds, and slam dunk instead of lay up. Let’s take a look at what makes the The Jump Manual so successful.


-You are provided with an exact nutrition plan that will increase your strength and power for jumping.

-You will be provided with training charts and an exercise library so you can keep track of progress and learn to do the exercises correctly for optimal results.

– You will not be required to spend countless long hours at the gym overtraining your muscles. You are provided with efficient training with no wasted moves.

-One of the only products on the market that will provide with one on one training in order to work on your weaknesses.

-This training program also provides workouts you can do outside of the gym!


The Jump Manual will walk you through the exact steps necessary to accomplish your fitness goals, but it is no magic bullet. You need to put forth action to see results.

The Jump manual was created by Jacob Hiller. He has trained and consulted and trained athletes from high school, college, NBA to international Olympic athletes. Jacob’s personal best recorded vertical is 44″ off 2 feet. He has trained 100’s of athletes to exceed 40 inches in vertical jump explosion by implementing his multi-faceted explosion training.

This product is the leading standard for Vertical Jump training and learning How to Dunk. You will add 10 inches or more to your vertical with The Jump Manual. Finally, you will be able to slam on fast breaks, block opponents shots, and drive past them in a blink of an eye.

Learn Today – How To Dunk!


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