How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer


Trying to attain fitness without exercise is like trying to fly a kite without wind. But then again exercising without direction and intent will also get you nowhere! So, how you exercise can be decisive in determining how successful your efforts are. If you are low on time and high on the desire to work out under professional guidance, you can hire a personal trainer. While hiring one may be easy, given the number of fitness professionals available nowadays, hiring the right one is the real challenge.

If you are wondering why so, maybe you need to consider the facts.

Personal training is a specialized service and quality professionals are hard to find. There might be many doctors in your city but you tend to visit the more reputed ones. The same logic applies to personal training as well.

Continuing with the above example, reputed doctors are expensive as well as it is really hard to get their appointment. Similarly trainers of repute will also charge you a premium rate, if at all they have the time for training you.

Finally, you probably know nothing about fitness and exercise. So how can you be sure that the trainer is not taking you for a ride? After all, there is no way for you to verify the soundness of his methods!

So, is it really impossible to get a trainer worth the money you spend? Not really, if you know how to tell the best from the rest.

The right way to go about it is to start by short-listing a number of fitness professionals who,

Charge fees which are within your budget.

Have been recommended by people you know (family, friends, colleagues etc)

Have been in the business for some time.

The next step is to have one-on-ones with the people you have put on your shortlist. Though this is not a formal interview, but nevertheless you should ask your prospective trainers questions which help you find out about:

His qualifications and credentials as a professional trainer.

His experience of working with people in your age group and fitness level.

His flexibility regarding schedule. This is particularly important if you cannot train according to a fixed schedule due to your professional or business commitments.

His training methods and how he intends to address your fitness goals.

The fees he charges. It is always wise not to go for trainers who want very long term contracts. A trainer sure of his ability will be more than willing to offer you a short-term deal, knowing that you will renew his contract. Many trainers might also offer you ‘money-back’ schemes. Check whether these are authentic claims and that he has actually refunded people who were not satisfied.

This should help you zoom in on one or two trainers with whom, you feel you can establish mutual trust and who also come closest to fulfilling the other criteria you have. Have a trial session with them to get a first-hand feel of their methods. Finally you can make up your mind and sign on the dotted line!

It is absolutely essential that you find the right trainer and hopefully you can do so now!

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