Grow Taller Naturally


If you are thinking that is it possible to get taller and asking yourself this How can i grow taller naturally?

Well guess what you can and you will if you know the right information and follow it on regular basis.

The factors that affect your height and what is essential for you to know about are:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

Geneswe would not be considering though it is a major factor contributing to height but it is not something that can be controlled by us. Whereas the various factors above can be.

Did you Know that Nutrition is the main reason why the dutch are tall and why Japanese people have increased their average height up to 3 inches taller in the past 50 years.Your diet should be sufficient so as to fulfill your daily requirements multiply your current weight in pounds by 11 to get calories needed to consume on daily basis. You should divide your meals in small portions and eat 5-7 meals. Make sure that each meal has a source of protein which helps in growth and repair processes as well as calcium which is needed for bone growth.

Sleep you grow in your sleep and it is in the first 2 hours of your sleep that the HGH (human growth hormone) level is the highest thus you should try to avoid sugary or starchy foods before going to bed as they decrease level of this hormone. And secondly sleeping in the correct posture is also very essential. Lie flat on your back straight and your arms stretched either above your head or on the side next to your waist. This helps to minimize the stress on the back. and help you to grow taller.

Exercise There is no denying that exercise can help. What you need to do are basic stretches such as super stretch,cobra,basic twist etc each morning make it your routine to do it every morning the first thing as soon as you get up and also do it before you sleep.

These are some facts that can help you to Grow taller naturally.

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