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Have you ever been told that you have lead feet? Have you ever tried to play basketball and despite your great shot and ball-handling ability, you fail because everyone around you can out-jump you? Well, you are like most people actually. Most of us never really learned how to jump. We jump to the best of our natural ability, and no more than that because we never had any formal training in how to do it.

There are several athletic skills that we all take for granted and we really aren’t given any instruction in. We all know how to run, though we can’t really remember anyone actually teaching us how to do it. We also all know how to jump, but other than someone just saying “Jump!”, we were never taught what it entails.

If you want or need to learn how to jump higher, then the good news is that there are programs available that will teach you just how to do it. You can use your current athletic ability and skill level and add to it with a little training and practice. Every person can learn how to jump higher. That does not mean that you will be able to dunk, but it does mean that you can add inches to your vertical leap.

Learning how to jump higher is both a matter of training your body and understanding the physics of jumping. You need to have strong legs and a good sense of timing to propel your entire body upward. But you also need to have explosiveness to get the most out of your jump. In addition, you need to be working with as little weight as possible, and that is usually the first problem for most people.

If you look at some of the tallest guys in the NBA, the ones who really don’t have to jump in order to dunk, you will see some of the shorter vertical leaps in the business. That is because they are so heavy it is almost impossible to get their bodies off the ground. If you want to learn how to jump higher, then you will probably have to lose a little of that body fat, too, in order to get vertical. But once you do that and work on building your legs, your timing and your explosiveness, you should be able to jump higher than ever before.

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