Effective Arthritis Diets To Eliminate Pain


You may find a large amount of information about diet and nutritional supplements for different types of arthritis in web, magazines and books. They invariably state that arthritis can be cured by taking their diet, Arthritic diet- as they call it. But these are mostly confusing.

The suggestions, mostly on the web, are given by some companies who are producing food supplements. They have an understandable interest to sell their products. Some of the patients are actually buying these exorbitantly priced food products being fooled by their marketing capability.

But the truth is that, the same result can be achieved by taking our day to day meals. For example, it is more rational to get the required amount of vitamins from the regular food rather that going for those food supplements.

For that we have to know about the possible diet which can increase the risk of getting arthritis and of course, the diet that helps to reduce the risk.

Osteoarthritis (OA), a major form of arthritis is aggravated by increase in the weight. So we need to avoid or substantially reduce the amount we use to take.

These include foods that contain more saturated fatty acid, like butter, ghee (clarified butter), animal protein (mainly red meat); dry calorie, like alcohol, excessive carbohydrates, this include all the cakes, pastries, chocolate, junk food and all those you can imagine.

Gouty arthritis is caused by the deposition of needle like Uric acid crystals in the joint spaces. Intake of alcohol produces much amount of uric acid. The kidneys of the alcoholic patients are again unable to excrete all the uric acid formed in the body.

Now we need to know about the ‘good’ foods which we should take to ensure we have an effective arthritis diet to minimize pain [http://www.arthritissymptoms.org/arthritis-diet.htm].

As per the recommendation of American Medical Association, the following combination of diet is essential for the arthritic patients.

The diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates (foods that contain high amount of fiber- whole grains, green leafy vegetables and fruits), low in protein (15% of the total calorie intake protein should preferably come from lentils, white meat or trimmed meat) and not more than 30% of the total calorie intake should come from Fat (with ~10% from animal fats).

The recommended diet include vegetables (preferably green leafy vegetables, cabbage, kale, parsley, broccoli, celery), tomato, banana, fruits (guava, pineapple-it contains high amount of Bromelain, strawberry, fresh cherry, blue berry and other red-blue berries), fruits that contain high amount of Vitamin C (lime, orange, red cabbage, tangerine, mandarin, red bell pepper, potato), animal food, which contain low fat (poultry, turkey-white meat), food that contain complex carbohydrate (brown bread, cereals, rice, pasta, germinated pulses), foods that contain essential fatty acids (salmon and tuna, other small fishes, nuts, pulses, flaxseed), Tofu (made from soya bean and a better choice than red meat).

Foods that contain moderately high amount of Purine (an Amino Acid) are also recommended. The list of food that will not raise the risk of gout include cauliflower, asparagus, mushroom, spinach, peas, whole grain breads, some animal products (chicken, turkey, duck, ham, kidney and Lima beans). Here it should be kept in mind that all the food from animal source contains Purine and that is least likely to be eliminated from our diet.

Foods to be avoided are- all carbonated drinks, coffee, cocoa and chocolate.

Check out alternative arthritis diets [http://www.arthritissymptoms.org/arthritis-diet.htm] for additional diet information.

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