Does The Calorie Shifting Diet Work?


The calorie shifting diet is one of the fastest growing dieting methods currently around. Is this actually deserved popularity though or simply a great bit of marketing? Thankfully for those looking to lose weight it is the first. Check any weight loss forum and you will find countless users of the shifting calories diet that have achieved great weight loss and couldn’t be happier with the results the diet has brought them.

The diet works because it tricks our bodies metabolism into believing we are not on a diet by changing the types of food we eat on a daily basis. This keeps it working at a higher rate than other diets and thus why it is so successful. Most diets work for a very short period because the metabolism slows down as soon as it realizes you are dieting which means less weight loss and increased appetite.

The body figures it out so quickly because most diets are simply based on a massive reduction in calorie intake and missing out on certain food groups which causes our bodies to fear we are starving ourselves and so reserve energy and work at a lower rate. Low calorie diets may have a fast initial weight loss but they never have lasting results and because our metabolism is now working at a lower rate you actually gain weight quicker than you previously did.

The calorie shifting diet has no such problems and will continue to provide results for as long as you wish to use it. Since the diet works so well I would highly recommend it and it will only grow in popularity thanks to its success rate.

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