7 Myths of Low Carb Diets


If you have heard the myths about low carb diets then this article will actually help you to learn the real facts about low carb diets.

Here are the most common 7 myths about this type of foods,

1. Low carb means zero carb

The myth among people is that the low carb diet means that in your diet the carb level should be near zero.

However, the fact is you should have at least 45% to 65% carbohydrate depending upon individual. Not even a single expert advocates this.

2. Low carb diets do not let you to eat vegetables and fruits

The myth is that vegetables and fruits contains mainly carbohydrate, so you should not eat vegetables & fruits if you wish to take low carb foods.

However, that fact is people who follow a low carb way of eating almost always eat more vegetables and fruits than normal population. Non-starchy vegetables are actually comes at the bottom of the low carb pyramids.

3. Low carb diets have less fiber

The myth is that a low carb diet must be low in fiber.

The fact is that this type of diets are high in fiber. In fact it lessens the effect of other carbohydrates.

4. People who are eating low carb diets are inviting heart disease

However the fact is these types of foods decline the risks of heart diseases. Even these foods with lots of animal fat and protein do not raise the risk of disease.

5. Low carb diets will damage your kidneys

This is absolutely a pure myth. The fact is these type of foods actually recommended in case of a kidney problem. As these diets do have less protein which is good for people who are suffering with kidney problems.

6. Low carb diets will tend to reduce your bone’s calcium

The fact is, these types of foods actually protects our bones for calcium as these diets have less protein thus less chances of having calcium in your urine.

7. Atkins died with his own diet plan

The fact is he died because of a head injuries resulting from a fall.

Wishing you success in your life.

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