Medifast Diet – How to Lose 10 Pounds in Less Then 2 Weeks


With disciplined use of most diets, one can lose 2-5 pounds a week. So it is easy to lose 4-10 pounds a week. The effectiveness depends upon the discipline and commitment of the dieter.
When one adopts any diet , it is a life time change which is healthy and effective. Medifast keeps one’s dietary requirement in view, and reduces carbohydrate and enhances protein so that the body is healthy though initially one may not feel much energetic.

The mechanism that Medifast adopts is to reduce calorie intake that does not get burnt. If one burns all the calories one takes in, then obviously one does not accumulate fat and hence weight. However, with adequate exercise, one also burns extra calories.

The most important point one has to keep in mind is that one can not compromise on the nutritional requirements of the body. Low calorie diets have a combination of carbohydrates, protein, vitamin and minerals in proportionate quantity to ensure quick weight loss.

There is a systematic way to Medifast Transition, Maintenance, and Exercise Plans to every Medifast scheme. It is important to sustain one’s program after it is completed in the scheme.
Medifast has special diet programs for people with type 2 diabetes by which both diabetes and weight can be controlled, under a physician’s supervision. It takes care of the required calories with various nutritional components beneficial to the body.

Since Medifast meals are spaced at 2-3 hours interval, one does not feel hungry.
The essential part of a Medifast scheme is to continue the program in a sustainable manner. So once the desired weight is reached, the transition phase is taken up.

During this period, one leaves behind the Medifast food and gets back to one’s own food pattern like fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and higher-carbohydrate vegetables. This also means extra calories back to the diet.

The third part is the maintenance part. Transition and Maintenance impose reinforcement of the body systems which help maintain your weight loss results with more activities added to the lifestyle.

Maintaining weight despite getting more calories can be done with regular exercise. His also helps to keep many chronic diseases away. One can start with the easiest exercise like walking.

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