5 Tactics to Increase Retention in Your Fitness Boot Camp


The initial cost of getting a new boot camper to join your camp can require your time, money, patience, and energy. A lot of work and planning goes into building your business and a successful fitness boot camp does not happen by accident.

So, now that you have worked so hard to get your fitness boot campers in the door, how do you get them to stay?

Get to know ALL of your boot campers by name. Make them feel like they are part of your group. I try to say each campers name at least 2-3 times during each boot camp class. Give your campers recognition for doing a good job at camp and make sure to notice when they are putting in the extra effort. The more they feel like they belong in your boot camp, the more likely they are to stay in your boot camp!

Enter in 5k’s or fitness events as a group. Try encouraging your boot camp members to sign-up for a local 5K race. It’s fun to participate in events as a group. Don’t forget to have everyone wear your boot camp shirts to the event for a little bit of extra advertising!

Organize Boot Camp Socials for your group! We have group socials or nights out about once a month. Our socials are amazing for forming new friendships and it is an easy way for campers to get to know each other on a more personal level. If your campers have friends in your boot camp classes, they will look forward to coming even more!

We have gone indoor rock climbing, had a self defense class, yoga class, and we even went to fitness pole dancing (don’t judge- it was a lot of fun!) We’ve also gone out to the local wine bar or karaoke restaurant and had a great time. Regardless of where you go, as long as everyone is invited, you are sure to have a great time!

Most Importantly, YOU MUST DELIVER RESULTS. Period. Deliver them EVERYTHING they would expect and then more. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “under-promise and over-deliver.”

People have chosen your class to get results! Continually change up your boot camp workouts and make them new and exciting. You need to create fun, motivating, and results oriented workouts to keep your campers coming back.

Send your boot campers a nice card for their birthday. You may want to even send them something small like a nice bag of granola. For some of my more loyal customers, I get them a healthy cookbook or gift card to Seasons 52. People love to feel appreciated. If you make the effort to send clients birthday and holiday cards, you’ll have both campers and new friends for life.

Always remember that your campers are amazing people. In many cases, you are truly changing their lives! Always take the extra few minutes to show your appreciation for your clients and boot campers.

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NB-CPT

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