7 Things NOT To Do in Your Fitness Boot Camp


Operating a successful fitness boot camp requires a lot of thought, planning, and energy. Once a boot camp is up and running, it’s easy to sometimes ignore the simple things that need to get done. Don’t let all of your hard work slip away because of a few bad habits or neglected details that you may be overlooking in your own boot camp.

Here are 7 things you will NEVER see Successful Boot Camps do:

1. Show up late. ALWAYS show up to your boot camp classes at least 10 minutes early. If you need to set up anything for class, make sure that is always done BEFORE your class is supposed to start. Showing up to class late is one of the fastest ways to lose campers and prove to your clients that you don’t know how to run a successful business.

2. Not Have a Workout Planned. How many times have you seen trainers show up and just “figure” out something to do with their clients for the workout? Regardless of how great the workout may be, these trainers are most likely just using recycled versions of older workouts that they use with every one of their clients. These trainers that don’t plan ahead usually end up repeating the same old exercises over and over again, and their clients usually end up in a plateau.

Not showing up with a planned workout can look very unprofessional. Clients can typically pick up on the fact that you are scrambling to throw a bunch of exercises together. Sometimes I write my workouts down and sometimes I don’t, but I ALWAYS have a plan or workout organized in my head for each boot camp class. It takes some thought and a little effort, but this is the way to get your clients the results they are looking for.

3. Not Get Liability Insurance. Do NOT procrastinate on this one. Not having liability insurance can not only end your career, but it can have a life changing effect on your own personal finances and quality of life. Always carry liability insurance and protect yourself against any “unknowns.” Liability insurance is relatively inexpensive these days (around $250-$500/year) and you really can’t afford not to have it!

4. Never track results or take pictures. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your “before” pictures and measurements when someone first starts your boot camp workouts. These measurements and pictures can be invaluable to you. They will not only give your campers incentive by showing them their results and how far they have come in your camp, but social proof is one of the most influential factors when someone is looking to join a new fitness program. Always, always, always, measure and track your camper’s results!

5. Show-Up for “Just Another Boot Camp Class.” It’s easy to fall into the habit of just “showing” up to teach a boot camp class. In this market, if you want to be successful, it’s NOT enough just to show up. You need to truly be excited about teaching and bring a LOT of energy to EACH AND EVERY BOOT CAMP CLASS!

6. Not Carry Business Cards. ALWAYS have business cards with you! You never know when you will have the opportunity to talk to someone about your boot camp. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with a potential client! Always be prepared. Even better- always try to get their email address or phone number so you can follow up with them!

7. Experiment with “New” Exercises Before Trying Them Yourself! I’ve heard some pretty embarrassing stories about trainers who have “experimented” with their clients or boot campers with new exercises they saw on your tube or in a fitness program without testing it out first. This will almost always lead to disaster. You NEED to know how each exercise feels and how it affects your body before you add it to any exercise program or routine that you are teaching.

You will always get out of your boot camp what you put into it. Be patient and make sure to steer clear of making the mistakes above. Small details can make a BIG difference your success!

Good Luck!

Alicia Streger, RKC, CSCS

Carrie Kukuda, RKC, NB-CPT

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