Whey Protein for Rookies


Whey protein is a popular supplement used by bodybuilders to add to their already high protein diets. Everyone needs protein and whey is the perfect protein because of its convenience and easy to use drinkability. This article will explain what whey protein is and why it`s the top selling sports nutrition product on the market today. You will also learn the common amino acids found in whey, best times to consume it, and learn how much whey you need in your daily diet.

During the process of converting milk into cheese, whey protein is separated out. Whey is the highest quality and best source of protein available to the public. It plays a role as an antioxidant and helps support a healthy immune system. Studies have shown that whey protein contains the perfect combination of amino acids needed for optimal performance in the body. Consistent supplementation of whey with a good exercise program will yield the results that you are looking for.

The amino acids commonly found in most whey powders can be classified in three different categories:

1) Essential Amino Acids

2) Non-essential Amino Acids

3) Conditionally Essential Amino Acids

The essential ones used in most powders powders are valine, threonine, isoleucine, leucine, and lysine. Non-essential amino acids include aspartic acid, serine, and alanine, while conditionally essential aminos are proline and glutamine. Most whey protein powders also include a decent amount of calcium and potassium, so its no wonder whey protein is the highest selling sports nutrition supplement on the market today.

Most athletes consume around thirty grams of whey protein daily, while some bodybuilders even take amounts higher than two-hundred grams. Large doeses are not recommended because it will overload your liver and you won`t get the same results you would get with a lower dosage. The best time to consume whey protein is directly after a workout with some form of simple carbs such as orange juice. When I supplement with whey, post-workout is the only meal I have it. I just make my meals with whole foods which in my opinion, tastes better.

Assuming you eat six or more meals per day, you can get away with having whey at three different times daily. Just make sure that the rest of your meals come from other protein sources such as egg whites and tuna. A diet when you`re only having whey protein will not only taste bland, but you will feel hungrier throughout the day because of whey`s instant digestability. Not what what you want when trying to lose fat. Until next time, later.

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