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Sea Energy obtains its ingredients from vital, living sources, uniting mineral rich sea vegetation, with the oxygen rich healing power of pure aloe vera. Aloe vera is the most oxygenating botanical known, and oxygen is the key to disease prevention and cellular health. Pau d’Arco is added to strengthen the immune system. Ginkgo Biloba promotes circulation in the heart, brain and extremities, improving memory and promoting mental clarity. Ginger improves the digestion and benefits the lungs. Cranberry concentrate cleanses the urinary tract, prostate and strengthens the heart. Black Cherry concentrate helps build the blood and promotes healthy joints.

Special Notice: For athletes and those who need a super energizing formula, Sea Energy comes in the triple strength POWER MAX formula. POWER MAX contains three times (3X) strength Aloe Vera, with more Sea Vegetation, Gingko Biloba, Pau D’Arco, and Ginger!


SEA VEGETATION is known to be the richest source of organic minerals. The blend used in Sea Energy provides at least 52 organic minerals. Sea Energy obtains its sea vegetation from pristine Canadian oceans, harvested at their maximum ripeness. These provide tremendous health benefits. Mineral deficiencies are at the root of many physical and mental diseases. With American soils depleted for decades, our foods are lacking the nutrients we need. According to U.S. Senate Document #264, 99% of Americans have a mineral deficiency, many of which result in disease. Sea Energy’s sea vegetables contain 10-20 times the minerals of land plants, including many of the trace minerals needed for healthy metabolism.

In addition to the 52 assimilable organic minerals, there are 12 vitamins and 22 amino acids for helping strengthen the endocrine system, purify the lymphatic system while balancing the mind. As another great benefit, Sea vegetation contains sodium alginate, which reduces the body’s absorption of radioactive strontium 90 and other heavy metals. One ounce of Sea Energy daily will help remove strontium 90 from your body.

ALOE VERA JUICE (Aloe barbadensis) revitalizes the body as it detoxifies and repairs cells. Aloe is often used to treat burns, skin ulcers and peptic ulcers because it promotes cell regeneration. Due to its high concentration of oxygen, Aloe is used to help prevent disease, reduce inflammation and enhance the immune system. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Aloe’s many enzymes help digestion and nutritionally fights aging and helps people to deal with unwanted weight as it energizes the cells with oxygen. Sea Energy gives you all the necessary enzymes and co-enzymes to help increase your body’s ability to absorb your nutrients and digestion. If you have ulcers, gastritis, constipation or heartburn, Aloe can help balance your entire digestive system.

PAU D’ARCO (Tabebuia heptaphylla) is a miraculous immune regenerator from the rain forests of South America. The National Cancer Institute reports that Pau d’Arco contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This extraordinary herb from the inner bark of the Lapacho tree, is used by local people to heal and revitalize. The Lapacho tree grows up to 125 feet tall in the Andes mountains, and can only be found in high altitude, fresh air zones, free of pollution. Pau d’Arco, also known as Taheebo helps purify the blood, strengthen the liver and cleanse the lymphatics, thereby strengthening our immune systems.

GINGER ROOT (Zingiber of Pcinale) has been used for 1000s of years to improve digestion, alleviate nausea, promote circulation and strengthen the lungs. Ginger helps ward off illness by strengthening the digestive and respiratory systems. As ginger promotes circulation, it alleviates pain and cold extremities.

CRANBERRY (Vaccinium macrocarpon) provides a high concentration of vitamin C and elements to cleanse the kidneys, bladder and prostate. Not only does Cranberry help maintain a healthy urinary tract, but can also be used to help treat urinary infection. Cranberry juice contains a polymer that prevents the adherence of bacteria to the walls of the bladder, thereby helping to prevent infection. Additional research shows that cranberry may be used to strengthen the heart, treat blood disorders and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

BLACK CHERRY (Prunus spp.) strengthens the kidney, promotes healthy joints, and prevents gout. The Chinese Dietary Therapy says cherry tonifies the blood and energy and prolongs life. Many cultures have touted cherry as a beauty aid for lustrous skin.

GINKGO (Ginkgo Biloba) is the oldest living tree species on the planet, having survived since the last Ice Age. These trees live to be over 1000 years old,and have adapted to thrive in our polluted cites. The medicinal use of Ginkgo dates back to the oldest Chinese materia medicine (2800 B.C.). This remarkable plant helps improve blood circulation to the brain and extremities, helps strengthen blood vessels, reduces cell damage, promotes the utilization of oxygen and glucose by the tissues and improves mental efficiency.

Dr. Dylan Foster, D.C. – V.P. of Distributor Services Dr. Dylan Foster started his career as a Chiropractic Physician in 1997, practicing in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Before being licensed, he worked as a personal fitness trainer where he developed a deep love for health, fitness and nutrition. His subsequent affiliation with a local health club chain allowed him to direct a weight loss and nutritional counseling clinic for many years. His natural talent, desire and dedication to health led him into the nutritional supplement industry and network marketing.


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