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Eating raw celery is an excellent and healthy way to reducehigh cholesterol blood levels. According to tests byresearchers at the University of Chicago, celery reducescholesterol levels by as much as 7 points with as little as2 stalks a day.

Not all the cholesterol that causes problems comes fromfood. The liver manufactures up to 75 percent of thecholesterol in the body. It is in the liver thatcholesterol is manufactured and broken down by specialenzymes to be removed from the body. Celery aids thisprocess by increasing bile acid secretion. Laboratorystudies also indicate that butyl phthalide, a chemical incelery, may help reduce high cholesterol.

Medical experts say that celery is good for people withcirculation problems because celery fights fat. Seriouscirculatory problems can be caused by too much cholesterolin the blood. Heart attacks and strokes are the two mostcommon complications caused by hardening and blockage of thearteries. Celery contains chemicals that stimulate theelimination of fat throughout the body says a physician atthe University of Italy in Milan.

Celery is high in calcium. High calcium intake invigoratesthe endocrine system which releases hormones that break downfatty buildup in cells. The adrenal and thyroid glandssecrete the hormone adrenaline and thyroxine respectively,which help to burn accumulated fats in the body cells. Thepituitary gland secretes at least nine known hormones whichinfluence body weight gain and loss.

By aiding the body’s processes in dissolving alreadyaccumulated cholesterol on the interior walls of thearteries, known as plaque, and helping the liver tometabolize and prevent additional formation of cholesterol,celery is an excellent food for cholesterol control.

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