How to Lower Cholesterol for Children?


“Autopsy studies have revealed that many signs of atherosclerosisincluding scarring are now found in the arterial walls of the babiesin this country; that by the age of ten, half children have coronaryarterial lesions; and that 100 percent of them have mild atherosclerosis by the age 15.”

How this can be? Your Diet during your pregnancy is very important for your unborn child. And if you are breastfeeding… your breast milkcan have high fat content, partially reflecting your diet.

The truth is brutal I must admit, which is even more compelling to face this problem today, before it is too late for them.

Cholesterol Victims… looks like millions of Children are neglected, but in the reality… they are not neglected at all.You see toady’s Children with High Cholesterol are tomorrowsCVD (Cardiovascular Disease) patients for life in most cases, and are facing higher risk of atherosclerosis early in life.

But why?Food Industry created this problem and there is noway out.As Donald Trump is saying:”It is nothing personal… It is business.”And for Food Industry it is an easy businessto market junk food to children.

Often high Cholesterol is ignored because there are no visiblesymptoms. American children are overweight, and oftentheir Cholesterol is high. When I looked under the microscopethe blood simple of 13-year-old boy – it was as thick as car oil.

And there are millions just like him, not knowing when theCholesterol bomb will explode in the form of heart disease.

GOOD NEWSThere is really safe and easy way to help your child without thedevastating side effects that medications can have.

But first… Children must be checked for High Cholesterol annually, regardless of there age… And the Lab Blood Test is the most dependable, able to show possible Risk Factor for heart disease.

Cholesterol Home Test is not as accurate, but some arebetter than others are. Home Test won’t show the Risk Factor.

Nutrients to utilize fats in the blood stream are the bestchoice for children and for adults as well.Many claim they have it… but if they do, you won’t read this now.

It is a Gift to create a product that is strong for adults but at thesame time, safe for children with… ZERO side effects.

Plus…The health benefits are extra, but many companies would chargeyou for it… there are that good.

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