Miso and Potato Soup Meal

Miso and Potato Soup Meal

I previously described a Hearty Miso Soup Meal which gets
some of its protein and bulk from angel hair pasta. Here is
a variation on the theme,Miso and Potato Soup Meal Articles replacing pasta with potato. Both
recipes provide a high protein meatless meal, low in fat.

These proportions are for one person, and can be adjusted to

The tofu and miso can be found at upscale grocers, health
food stores, Asian food stores.

Take potato that is about the size of a medium adult fist.
Scrub, then place on a cutting board. With a sharp knife,
cut lengthwise into four pieces, then crosswise into thin
slices. Place in a pot with two cups of water and bring to a
low boil. Plan on about 15 minutes for fork tenderness.

Add to pot anywhere from 1/4 to full tablespoon full of
diced garlic, either fresh or dried, as is convenient. Or
prepare some diced fresh onion.

Add to pot some green herbs, such as pre mixed Italian
seasoning. 1/2 to full tablespoon works for me. Also add
some fresh ground black pepper to taste. I find that pre
ground black pepper has no taste.

In stead of meat, prepare two to four tablespoons of firm
tofu, mashed with a fork.

In a small bowl or the measuring cup, place about a half cup
of water. To this, add a rounded tablespoon of miso paste.
With a fork, whip the miso until it is fairly well
dispersed. Now add two fresh eggs and continue whipping.

When the potatoes are tender but not real mushy, add the
miso and egg mix to the pot, and stir in. Turn off heat.
Let pot stand a minute or so, then remove from stove.
Cooling can be helped with one or two ice cubes stirred in,
or 3 to 5 minutes placement in refrigerator.

If the miso has not added enough salt for your taste, add a
small amount of salt. Personally, I almost never add salt
while cooking, as most prepared foods have salt added, such
as miso.
These quantities were determined by trial and error. Vary to
suit your own tastes.

This soup is a meal in itself, or divide and use as a side

Bon appetit!

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