Your Pet May Be a Shamanic Healer

Your Pet May Be a Shamanic Healer

I get emails nearly everyday from people all over the world,Your Pet May Be a Shamanic Healer Articles asking me for my healing assistance with their pet companions.

Q: Why did my animal get sick?

A: This is one of the first questions I receive.

“No greater love than this is for someone to lay down their life for their fellow man”

One of the first things I need to tell you is that animals love you so unconditionally and so completely, that they act as shamanic healers. What I mean is that they will gladly sacrifice their own health and life by instinctively “taking on” their owner’s illness or disease in an attempt to cure them.

If you are a healer, please keep your animals out of your healing room, especially if you have an extremely ill client.

My miniature dachshund, Fritzl, thinks that everyone who rings the doorbell is really coming to visit him. He escorts them, making a breeze with his wagging tail, all the way into my healing room. I know right there and then that the healing has already begun.

I have know Fritzl to jump up onto my massage table, lay between my client’s legs, and send love energy to them. And Fritzl get so sad and begins to whine and cry when I pick him up to move him! He wants to help heal, and knows he can do it.

If you are ill, you need to have someone do some healings on your pet to pull and release the toxic energies and raise his vibrations.

Or, if your client has an animal, you must work on them both.

As I have just said, your ailing client’s animal will be absorbing his discordant energies and lower vibrations. When you schedule an appointment with your client, allow additional time for his companion too.

To communicate intuitively with animals, send pictures of what you want from them. To heal animals, go in, imagine, and project to the animal the feeling of being very strong and healthy. I always pray to God to pull any disease from the animal and send the disease to the Light. I then insert oceans of unconditional love into them. I imagine and see them smiling, happy, comfortable, strong, healthy.

I know a woman in Alaska who successfully uses this technique to heal birds. She sees them soaring high up into the sky, stretching their wings, getting stronger and stronger, as they get higher and higher, and are soon barely visible.

You can begin this technique now so that you have already achieved your unique style of communication and healing with your companion! Why wait until there’s a need? Picture and see your loved one healthy and vibrant. You will be amazed at your results!

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