Healing the Cherished Ones

Healing the Cherished Ones

I get emails nearly everyday from people all over the world,Healing the Cherished Ones Articles asking me for my healing assistance with their pet companions.

For the past few days I have been meditating on ways to reach out and inform pet owners as how to heal their cherished ones. I received some great guidance from the animal kingdom today to get started.

This morning, as I was washing my car, a huge monarch butterfly swept past me, as its vibrant orange wings touched my upper arm. I felt like we were making contact, a safe way for the butterfly to greet me.

A few minutes later, I saw the butterfly, lying on its side, barely moving its wings. Then the thought suddenly occurred to me that this beautiful creature had been asking me for help.

I gently took my left pointer finger and held it close to the butterfly, saying a prayer to my Creator, asking for his healing. I allowed gentle healing energy to move through me.

A few seconds later, the butterfly took its antenna and touched my finger. I felt him begin to use his antenna to suck energy out of my finger. As I continued watching, his two tiny forelegs made contact with my finger. They tickled it at first, then I could feel the strength in his tiny legs increase. A moment later, the butterfly took capture of my finger, and held on tightly. I could still feel energy being drawn up out of me. I allowed this new friend of mine to have as much healing energy as he wanted.

Before I knew it, he was perched so erect upon my finger! His wings slowly stretching outwards as if he was breathing through them and filling up with air. They began to billow, inflate and expand. Then sure enough, after he had entrained enough air and energy, he took off and wafted through the air. He glided, soared into the heavens, then drifted back down to me.

I help my left finger up to him again, as he rested ever so gently upon it. He stood there for a brief moment, then, with a flutter, lifted off towards the puffy clouds and blue skies again, gently touching my ear as he passed by to whisper “thank you”.

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