Why is America Overweight?

Why is America Overweight?

We know that being overweight causes many health problems. It increases the risk of fatal diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But what is at the root of the obesity problem in America?

There are two basic causes for becoming overweight or obese: too much food and too little exercise. It sounds like an issue based on an individual person’s willpower. However,Why is America Overweight? Articles when you realize that today 65% of Americans are overweight, you may begin to understand that this is a real problem that all Americans need to be aware of.

Problem #1 – Food:

From fast food restaurants to processed white bread, we are ingesting foods that make us fat. Research is beginning to show that it’s not just a willpower issue, it’s an issue that must be addressed by food manufacturers and possibly stricter government regulations.

While writing this article, Kraft announced a new campaign to reduce portion sizes and to cut back on sugar and fat in their processed foods. Why? Because processed foods are contributing to obesity in America. There are three reasons why this is so:

1. Over the past 30 years, Americans have increased consumption of high-fructose corn syrup (found in processed food – cookies, cakes, cereal, soda, etc.) from 5.5 pounds per person per year to 62.4 pounds per person per year. Recent studies have proven that while regular table sugar raises blood insulin levels that will lead to a sense of feeling full, fructose corn syrup does not.

2. We are also consuming more fat than we were 30 years ago. Again, processed foods (snack foods, baked goods, etc.) contain a high percentage of fats. Harmful partially hydrogenated oils (chemically altered oils or trans-fatty acids) are also found in practically every snack food and baked good on the market (including white bread). If you need more information on fat, read What Kind of Fat Can You Eat? at http://www.nutricounter.com/articles/fat.htm

3. We are consuming about half the amount of fiber recommended by the American Dietetic association. If you are filling yourself with processed food, you are not getting the needed fiber in your diet.

Problem #2 – Exercise:

To complicate the issue further, 30 years ago people were getting exercise just in their daily routines. Today, technology has made our lives easier, but it’s also made us lazier. Practically every American household has washers, dryers, TV’s with remotes, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and cars. To put it simply, the more technology you have to make your life easier, the less exercise you are going to get. Getting the proper amount of exercise now costs us money and time that we feel we don’t have.

How can we each do our part to combat obesity?

1. Examine your diet. Are there ways you can eat healthier? Use your NutriCounter to help you determine eating patterns.

2. Choose unprocessed foods, lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, whole grains.

3. If you must buy processed foods, learn to read the backs of packages and food labels. Sometimes, if a package says “low-fat” that doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Know what you are putting into your body by educating yourself.

4. Get exercise every day. Examine your schedule and make the time for it.

Come and visit the Nutri Counter web site at http://www.nutricounter.com/news.htm for an extensive selection of articles on health, nutrition and exercise.

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