Review of Curves Fitness

Review of Curves Fitness

Overview: According to their web site,Review of Curves Articles Curves is the largest fitness
franchise in the world. Curves offers a 30 minute circuit training course.
They have 13 pieces of equipment. All of the equipment is hydraulic, there
are no weights to add or remove. The object is to keep the heart rate going
so half of the time you are doing aerobics on boards or steps and half the
time you are using strength training equipment.
Goals of the Members: Losing inches is the main goal of the members at this
fitness club.

Cost: $29 per month for a minimum of 12 months. An up front fee of $149 but
frequently they run specials and the up front fee may only be $75, you would
need to call your nearest facility to see what special prices they are

Time Needed: 30 minute routine 3-6 times per week. The amount of days that
you decide to go will depend on your individual goals which the staff will
help you set.

Gender and Age Group: Ladies only. The age group of the place we interviewed
was from 25 – 75.

Motivation: They help you determine your individual goals and then they
measure you every month. The staff is trained to keep you going strong while
you’re exercising. They also have contests.

Fitness Strategies: Aerobic, flexibility, and strength training.

Risk of Injury: Limited risk of injury if you follow the instructions and
use the equipment properly.

Nutritional Information: No nutritionist on staff.

Contact Info:
For the center nearest you, call 800-848-1096 or visit the
Curves Website at

Come and visit the NutriCounter web site at
for more fitness center reviews.

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