Why Air beds may give you the best nights sleep you’ve ever had


The secret to an air beds high comfort factor is its ability to spread the bodies weight and contact with the mattress in a more even fashion. Traditional mattress designs are more rigid and can force certain points of the body in contact with the mattress to absorb the entire weight of the body, creating concentrated pressure points that are uncomfortable and often out of natural alignment. Air beds have the ability to mold and shape to the contour of a sleeping body and were originally designed for hospitals and medical environments where higher levels of back support and reduced pressure points on the body were needed. Now this technology can be invited into your own bedroom to create a more comfortable sleeping environment.

An air bed is basically a mattress that contains air bladders instead of hard steel springs. Air beds can often also be adjusted to suit the particular support needs of partners that share a bed, as each side usually has individual air bladder controls that can be adjusted. The adjustable dual air support chambers can provide just the right amount of back support and firmness on one side of a bed without disturbing the other side. Sleeping on an air bed can also provide better spinal alignment through the night, giving you a very comfortable and restful sleep.

Several air beds are endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations as good for people with back backs and back support problems. In addition, air beds can help people with allergies by reducing the available nesting ground for dust mites. The traditional coil mattress is usually the largest breeding and nesting ground of dust mites in a household and can contain as many as 5 million dust mites feeding on skin particles that have filtered into the inner mattress core. With an air bed mattress system you do not have this problem, which can help improve your breathing while asleep.

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