Illness – what can we do about it?


Illness concerns everyone. How can we approach it? And what
is the reason behind illness?
Whether you need to stay well
or get well, lifestyle changes are essential to help you win
the fight against illness.

The reason behind illness
There is a reason behind illness. Sometimes the reason is
virus or bacteria, sometimes there is a psychological or
social reason. Many times it is difficult to see any reason,
but often we can find the reason in our lifestyle and daily

How can we stay well?
Our body has an inherent ability to heal itself. It’s
important to remember that, whatever treatment we choose
when we get ill. By making changes in our lifestyle we are
able to strengthen the self healing ability and minimize the
reason for illness. Lifestyle changes can be made in four

* Food and drink area
* Exercise area
* Sleep area
* Mental, social and spiritual area

The fourth area includes stress, which has become a big
problem in modern society. We could, of course, go beyond
these areas and ask ourselves what kind of society we would
need in order to stay healthy.

How can we get well?
When we are ill we need to help the body cure itself. If
it’s only a cold we’ve got, maybe it’s enough just keeping
warm, relaxing and drinking hot water with a spoon of honey.
Most of the time that would do it. The body will heal itself
in a few days. But when we get something more serious our
body needs more help to fight against illness. Should we
choose conventional or alternative treatment? To make the
right decision concerning treatment we need knowledge. It’s
important to study the basics of a few possible alternative
treatments, contact people who offer treatments and people
who have been treated by them, ask questions, build a basis
on which to make a decision. We should also ask our
conventional doctor exactly what treatment he/she has in
mind, what it does to the body, and what the secondary
effects are.

Whatever treatment we choose, the results will improve when
we add lifestyle changes to the agenda. Lifestyle changes
are essential for an optimal result of any treatment.
Whatever illness we suffer from, lifestyle changes will
improve the chances of recovery.

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