Ways to Prevent a Hectic Morning


Morning can often be a hectic time. Dragging yourself out of bed, making breakfast and getting ready, all in a short amount of time, is sometimes a stressful feat, but it doesn’t have to be. These simple tips will help you de-stress and enjoy your mornings a lot more… even on Mondays.

Some days it’s next to impossible to get out of bed. Give your body an energy boost first thing in the morning by keeping a chilled glass of juice by the bed. A few sips of fresh-squeezed orange juice can give you a boost and get you moving.

Do a few easy stretches to get your blood flowing and ease morning stiffness. A simple stretching routine every morning will not only make you feel better, it’s also a great way to start the day.

Set aside a few minutes in the morning just for pampering yourself. Give yourself a quick massage, use a revitalizing face mask, or treat your skin with your favorite lotion. One great product for really pampering yourself is the Roll-A-Lotion massager and lotion applicator. It massages all over while applying your choice of lotion.

Or treat your feet and hands by applying an intense conditioning cream. Your nails and cuticles will benefit too.

Keep morning stress to a minimum by making things easy on yourself. Choose your outfit and do any ironing or other preparations before going to bed, so you can quickly get dressed in the morning. Lay out matching jewelry and accessories as well, so you aren’t frantically searching for that matching earring or stocking without a run.

Keep your makeup and other accessories in a divided organizer so you can quickly grab just what you want. Free up your hands and save some time by investing in a hair dryer stand so you can style your hair quickly and easily. Hair dryer stands such as the one Seen on TV, are easily adjustable so you can use your hands to keep getting ready while your hair dries.

You’ve heard it before – breakfast is the right way to start the day. Well, it’s true. Eating a healthy breakfast isn’t just good for your body, it keeps your blood sugar levels even and helps reduce stress. Even if you’re having a difficult morning, it will be much easier to handle if you’ve had a good breakfast.

It’s easy to incorporate breakfast into your routine. You can eat cereal, yogurt or even a boiled egg while drying your hair. Or add a few extra minutes into your morning routine to sit down and enjoy a bowl of oatmeal.

Don’t let the rush and demands of life steal away the beauty and peace of the morning. By taking just a few extra minutes in the right places, such as with a short massage, and saving a little time in other places, such as putting on makeup while drying your hair, you can make your mornings a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

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