Non Prescription Contact Lenses Are the Best Way to Alter Your Look Without Altering Your Sight


Today’s world has a staggering 75 million contact lens wearers, with 31 million living within the United States. Though it might seem as though this is an awfully large number of people who opt not to wear glasses, there are actually quite a few people who are wearing non prescription contact lenses to alter their look, but not their vision. Non prescription contact lenses are a unique way to change your appearance by way of your eye color, whether making a dramatic change, or a slight enhancement.

As long as you first visit an optometrist, you’ll know the correct size so that you can find the contact lens that it best suited to your eye. After a brief period of initial adjustment, most people discover that they can’t even feel their non prescription contact lenses anymore.

There are a number of different kinds of non-prescription colored contacts out there. Opaque coloured lenses are able to transform even the darkest natural eye color into a brighter or lighter shade. These lenses are clear in the center so that the wearer can see through the pupil, but the colorless part is surrounded by a wall of color. This allows for the most dramatic change even on the darkest background.

For those who have lighter eyes, enhancement lenses are usually the more natural option. These are still available as non prescription coloured contacts, but instead of being completely opaque, they augment the wearer’s natural eye tint with more subtle and flattering hues.

For people who have a wilder streak about them, then there’s a broad range of non-prescription novelty contact lenses that are currently all the rage. You can now look like an alien, as though you have cat’s eyes, flaming eyes, or any other possible appearance that you could ever want. Essentially, if you want it, they have it.

Surprisingly enough, changing the look of your eye isn’t the only reason that non prescription contact lenses exist. Many hospitals and clinics will utilize a special type of clear lens as a sort of bandage for the cornea, especially after the patient has undergone surgery for a cataract. Also, sports players and fanatic spectators will choose to use contact lenses that include filters for certain lights and colors so that they can better see the ball or whatever other target they may need to see.

No matter the reason that you choose to buy non prescription contact lenses, they’re certain to be comfortable and satisfying for you. Take advantage of a free offer from your favorite brand, and give them a “test drive”, so that you know that you can use them comfortably and without irritation.

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