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It is quite frightening to think about being a patient needing important medication but getting worse because of taking the wrong drug. And indeed, this kind of fatal situations happen. In fact people that take over the counter drugs might happen to become victim of this occurrence.

Other things may also lead to adverse drug reactions on patients. According to research, there are over 4 million Americans who take as many as eight different prescription drugs each day. If there’s a particular research about older Americans, presumably they take even more than the eight prescription drugs per day. There is high possibility that these people maybe taking the right drugs according to prescriptions but in the wrong combinations. Wrong combinations may be caused by taking herbal supplements, certain foods and vitamin products, alcohol, caffeine, over-the-counter drugs are being taken alongside the prescription drugs. These are common situations that arise during the cold and flu season.

The effect may be very slight or worse, very fatal…. So what do we do so as not to be victim of these occurrences?

The director of Pharmacy Affairs for the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy at Alexandria, Virginia, Marissa Schlaifer said that it is very important for those taking medications to talk with their pharmacist or doctors. Primarily, they should discuss the drug, the dosage and any possible interactions. Patients who consult with several doctors and uses more than one pharmacy must always be aware of this significant process when having to take medication.

This should be an easy process since almost all pharmacies check for potential drug interaction on the prescriptions they fill. If you are a patient whose health coverage is provided by a managed care organization, then it could be helpful. Plans provided by these managed care organizations center on helping the patient safeguard against dangerous drug interactions, no matter where patients take their prescriptions.

You, as a patient must also be aware and careful especially in taking over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Taking these drugs along with certain common prescription products like blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs can cause internal bleeding. Some dangerous drug combinations can also cause dizziness, fatigue, stomach upset and even organ failure, in rare cases. There are also drugs that cancel each other out when taken simultaneously.

Concerned about these occurrences? Then be sure always to concern yourself on what kind of medications you’re taking. Make sure that your doctors know all about the drugs you’re taking bring all your prescription containers during medical visits for your doctor to see, is advisable.

A print –out of your medical records from your community or mail service pharmacy and having it be kept up-to-date is a good thing to do, too.

As a patient, being aware of the dangers while taking certain medication is a great start to prevent negative outcomes. Meanwhile, having adequate knowledge on sound medication management is a very much needed to ward off further health disasters. -30-

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