Seichem- The Elemental Healing Rays.

Since the emergence of Reiki at the beginning of the last century, and its introduction to the west, there have been many variations in the way energy healing is taught. As it has developed, people have added information and understandings and have also had similar experiences to that of Mikao Usui, the man who founded Reiki for the present time. This has created more names for energy healing than the Eskimos have for snow!

Energy healing works on the idea that the world is an energy system made from differing frequencies. The physical world is made from very dense frequencies which is why we can see them. Other energies such as microwaves, radio-waves, sound-waves and radiation are frequencies of energy that are less dense and so we cannot ordinarily see them. Around physical objects there is a frequency of energy that we do not ordinarily see, scientifically known as the electromagnetic energy field, or aura. It is in these layers of energy around animal and human bodies that are thought by many, for thousands of years, to contain emotions, thoughts and our connection with the universe. Scientific research is now finding ways to show this to be true.

Seichem is one type of energy healing that has become popular in the UK. Another form similar to Seichem, called Karuna, has also become very popular. There are other forms of healing called Sekhem, Seichim, and SKHM etc, which are actually different from Seichem in the way they are taught, but share similar roots. This group of energy healings have elements of Egyptian teachings, as in ancient Egypt energy healing was commonplace.

Seichem is passed on in a similar way to Reiki. It is understood that Reiki is a part of Seichem, being one (the earth element) of the four healing energies, which include, Sakara (fire element) Sophi-El (water element) and Angelic Light (air and spirit element). When we talk of the ‘elemental rays’ we are not talking of the physical manifestation or energy from the earth, fire, water or air (three dimensional substances), we are talking of energy frequencies that pervade the universe.

In Seichem teachings Reiki forms the foundation for the other healing rays grounding them all, and working on the physical and mental body. It is usually experienced as a deep heat or warmth.
Sakara is the fire elemental ray, bringing in a rainbow of protective light which surrounds the aura. Sakara is experienced as a hot tingling sensation like a mild electrical current, working well on the electromagnetic fields that create the aura.
Sophi-El is the water elemental ray and is experienced as waves of cool energy. This ray increases the practitioner’s psychic awareness and works well on emotional issues.
Angelic Light is a two-fold ray connecting to the elemental ray of air and the Angelic realm. It is experienced as a gentle breeze blowing at the finger tips, helping mental healing and enhancing the practitioner’s perception through the third eye.

Seichem treatments are carried out in the same way as a traditional Reiki treatment; the client is placed on a couch or a chair, and the practitioner channels energy through their hands to the client. The energy is not the practitioners, and therefore a practitioner would not be said to heal the client. The recipient’s body knows how much and where it wants these energies to go, thus allowing benefits to occur in the aspects of the person that are most in need. For example, it could be that someone has physical ailments, which may have been brought on by an emotional or mental aspect. The energies would most likely work on restoring balance to the emotions and mental states before the body can be alleviated of the physical symptoms.

Because the energy is not the practitioners, but energy that is found throughout the universe, the practitioner is also able to receive these energies for themselves, and also be able to give themselves a treatment in the same way as they would give to others. This is common to all channelled energy treatments and practices.

Many energy practitioners may feel the different energies described in Seichem teachings, even if they have not been taught by a Seichem teacher. It is my understanding that the healthier you are both physically, mentally and emotionally you will be able to channel whatever the healing frequencies or rays the recipient needs. By receiving Seichem “initiations” (procedures that allow you to open up to the healing rays), and indeed any energy initiation, you are clearing away any energy debris that prevent a person from being a clear channel. It is, however, up to the individual to ensure that they stay as clear a channel as possible to continue being of service to others. Indeed energies will be channelled no matter how much “debris” you have, but the clearer you are the more energy is allowed through.

So Seichem is one of many energy practices here for the population, and like many has its roots originating from Mikao Usui and ancient teachings. Because we are all made of the energies that a practitioner channels through, all physical, emotional and mental ailments can be treated. Seichem is a beautiful healing technique that uses the understanding of the elements within its teachings and allows practitioners and recipients a chance to bring themselves and their surroundings closer to balance.

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