The Power of Jazzy Wheelchair


It is so hard to deal life when you lose the use of your legs. It feels like missing one half of your life. Imagine, you cannot stand, walk, play, run and some activities will also be restricted. Nevertheless, a jazzy wheelchair can make life more acceptable and enjoyable for you.

A jazzy wheelchair is a battery-operated chair that enables the occupant with mobility impairments to go up and down the stairs, ascend curbs, reach soaring shelves, travel over a variety of terrain, settle uneven or inclined surfaces and make eye-level conversations with others who are standing.

This self-propelled wheelchair knows how to keep its balance. Its rechargeable battery can operate up to a full day in a single charge. It uses an integrated system of software, sensors and electronics to automatically adjust itself to accommodate the seats mobility and balance gravity to the occupant. The occupant can choose the mode of operation. He can push the button to command standard, 4-wheel drive, balance, stair climbing or other remote functions. The speed and direction of travel is controlled by a joystick thus, it is easier to maneuver it by the sole use of the said joystick. It also allows the occupant to shift his weight over the back wheels. It will respond by lifting one pair of wheels off the ground while balancing the other pair of wheels.

Jazzy wheelchairs have been linked with the words dependable, ground-breaking, and innovative for many years now. These chairs have been designed to suit people’s active and busy lifestyles to enjoy their lives to the fullest extent. Pride mobility, Jazzy’s manufacturer, has taken into consideration all of the important aspects of electric wheelchairs as well as the details that set their chairs apart from all others. This kind of wheelchair was created with the person in mind who keeps himself busy with the affairs of life. These chairs represent the amalgamation of style, performance and even personal expression. These chairs are well noted as being one of the most reliable and enduring electric wheelchairs available on the market today. They have established an incredible standing as an industry most sought after wheelchair manufacturer.

The Jazzy wheelchair uses an original mid-wheel drive system that provides incredible control for the occupant. The chair is a combination of power, mobility, and durability. In addition, it is enormously comfortable that even if you stay in it for a long period of time you’ll still feel comfy.

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