Medical Supply Cases for Insulin and Diabetics


Medical supply manufacturers are continuously conceptualizing medical supplies needed by people who are in delicate health condition – medical supplies that may enable the patient to lead a life with at least a semblance of normalcy.

Diabetic patients are one of these people who are in delicate health condition. The top medical supply needed by the patient is insulin. Now, with the top four medical supply cases for insulin, patients of diabetes can be sure of keeping their medical supply safe and cool. They can also lounge around everywhere and go anywhere with these medical supply cases without having to constantly worry about the damage to the insulin.

Herein, we give you a review of the top 4 medical supply cases guaranteed to bring convenience for the diabetes patient, secure their insulin medical supply and enable them to go around in style, even with their insulin:

1.FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet – this is the longest–lasting and most convenient insulin cooler. According to its manufacturer, this medical supply case can keep insulin cool for at least 45 hours. It can be activated by cold water, and no refrigeration is required. This cooling wallet is compact and lightweight. Still, it has a minimal padding and not ideal for rough and tumbled travel.

The FRIO insulin cools with an enclosed crystal gel that is activated by cold water, it is available in five sizes with a pump version in a variety of colors. You carry this medical supply case even in extreme cold or heat. It keeps the insulin at the appropriate temperature for over 15 hours. This medical supply case is a durable insulin storage device that requires minimal effort and provides maximum cooling power. The unit requires only a 15 minute soak in cold water to activate the proprietary cooling gel.

2.MEDport Daily Organizer – this second top insulin medical supply case holds three days worth of diabetes medical supplies. It comes in a compact insulated case about the size of a paperback book. This case is tough for travel and easy to operate because of its rugged construction and ring pull zippers. If a diabetic patient is going for longer trips, the MEDport’s travel organizer may be a practical thing to bring along. It holds up to two weeks of insulin and supplies.

3.aDorn Handbag with Supply Clutch – this insulin medical supply case can be appreciated by women taking insulin. This stylish handbag includes a secure, padded compartment designed to carry insulin vials, delivery device, glucose meter, and other diabetic medical supply needs. It can really be declared as a handbag designed to fit a diabetic with a hectic lifestyle. This medical supply case could neatly organize things like lipstick and cellphone together with the insulin medical supply so much so that the patient wouldn’t have to lounge around carrying two different bag or forget about leaving anything behind.

4.Medicol Insulin Protector – this compact medical supply case for insulin is ideal for daily use and trips. This will ensure that your insulin is cool and safe to use, since insulin really should be kept cool and / or refrigerated to ensure its maximum potency. The Medicool Insulin Protector Case keeps insulin cool for up to 16 hours. It has two refreezeable cooler packs. This medical supply case could carry up to two bottles of any brand insulin. It provides pockets for syringes and alcohol swabs with Dupont Cordura® Plus material.

So, diabetic folks, take your pick and worry no more about bringing with you your needed insulin medical supply! -30-

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