The Miraculous Message of Water

The Miraculous Message of Water

Water has a message for humanity. Water is telling us to look at ourselves. When we look through water at ourselves,The Miraculous Message of Water Articles the message becomes crystal clear. The quality of human life is intimately connected with the quality of our water. The body is like a sponge or a honeycomb. It is composed of chambers called cells that hold liquid.

We Are 70% Water

You may know that the mature human body consists of 70% water, and that the earth is called the “Water Planet” because 70% of its surface is covered with water. You may also realize that water is the source of all life on the planet—its purity and integrity being vital to all forms of life. But did you know water gives us factual evidence that human vibrational energy affects the structure of water—the same water that comprises 70% of our body and covers 70% of our planet’s surface?

Each Water Crystal is Unique

Water in the form of snow has been falling on the earth for a few million years, and each crystal has a different, unique shape and structure. If you freeze water and take a picture of the crystals that form, you get information about the water. Seeking a way to evaluate the quality and purity of water, a creative and visionary Japanese, Masaru Emoto, has taken over 10,000 photographs of frozen crystals of water. He has discovered fascinating differences in the crystalline structure of water from different sources and under different conditions. Water from clear, pure mountain springs and streams have an exquisitely-formed, geometric design in its crystals. Polluted water from industrial areas and stagnant water from storage dams and pipes have distorted, ill-formed crystalline structures.

Water Responds to Its Environment

Water crystal pictures also provide startling, physical evidence that the vibration of music and words dramatically affect the crystal structure and health of water.

Waters exposed to the music of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven have a beautiful, balanced, delicate crystal structure. When Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” is played to hrough water, the crystals are clearly split in two in the photos. Do people become joyous and encouraged when listening to joyous music and encouraging words because the water that is 70% of our body goes through a positive change?

Water samples labeled with the words (and the vibrational human thought form) of Dirty, Demon, Adolph Hitler and “I Hate You” do not even form crystalline shapes and are chaotic in structure. The scattered and fragmented uncrystalized structure of water labeled with the sentiment “You Fool” closely matches the unformed-crystal pictures of the water exposed to heavy metal music, which is full of harsh condemnations. Crystals in water labeled with Beauty, Angel, Mother Teresa and “I Love You” are intricately and gracefully formed.

Water Is Alive and Intelligent

Emotos’s book provides further fascinating examples of water’s intelligent responsiveness to other forms of life. The shape of the crystals of water infused with specific flower aroma oils closely resembles the shape of the flower from which the oil comes. The distorted structure of water right after the devastating Kobe, Japan, earthquake transformed into beautiful, perfectly-formed crystals three months later after helping hands and sympathy from all over the world were given to the people of Kobe. When a Buddhist priest prayed for an hour over the polluted water in a lake behind a dam in Japan, the crystalline structure of the water changed from malformed and distorted to one of immense beauty and power. A distinctly visible aura appears around the water crystal in the photos.

Natural water crystals have a hexagonal, six-sided, core structure basic to all water crystals. However, after a Buddhist monk chanted a very specific, ancient prayer over water, the resulting crystalline structure changed to heptagonal—seven-sided. His prayer had been to the “Seven Goddesses of Fortune!”

Our Intimate Connection with Water

These groundbreaking water photos indicate that our human words, intentions and actions can make the water we consume more beautiful, clean, healthy and harmonious to our well-being. Also, these pictures of liquid crystals have a profound energizing effect on the people viewing them. Many people report feeling strong emotions and realizations rising up from the depth of their beings. Viewing the pictures, many people experience a gradual, yet distinct opening of their heart and perceptual awareness.

These amazing, affecting photos of water crystals clearly demonstrate that water is a mirror reflecting our human consciousness.

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