12 Vitality Secrets Right Outside Your Door

12 Vitality Secrets Right Outside Your Door

Mother Nature can teach you how to be more:


Animals constantly demonstrate how to shift the energy–and
outcome–of any situation. Nature also illustrates that there’s
always a ready source of free energy available anytime,12 Vitality Secrets Right Outside Your Door Articles anywhere
you need it.


Modeling animals activates key body points to increase our
energy, grounding, relaxation and joy. Natural Re-charging
enhances vitality, clarity and balance–and decreases sickness,
confusion and accidents.


The dynamics of Wildness force you to step outside the
boundaries of traditional thinking to get where you want to go.
Outside Adventuring naturally breaks you out of habitual mental
ruts to generate fresh, imaginative approaches and make new,
inspired life choices.


Nature is the best teacher of how to steer change to one’s
advantage. Most human systems are fixed, static, inflexible and
unresponsive; they take energy; and they react mechanically and
inaccurately to past fictions. Nature is flexible and malleable;
it gives you energy; and it responds accurately to current facts
and reality.


The energy fields of Natural Power Spots awaken you to your
Destiny Soul Agreement, stimulating recognition of your deeper
purpose in living.


Learn to use recurring Energy-Flow Patterns in Nature to predict
future life events and create miraculous and lasting results in
your everyday world. Learn how to track the Universal Movement
of Energy as seen in Nature to manifest more meaning, magic and
money in your daily life.


There is no aspect of life more willing to forget the past and
embrace the present than Mother Nature. Guided by the precise,
practical mirror of the Outer World, you open to loving without
fear, enjoying without judgment and allowing through real


Hanging in the Wild develops your ability to hear, trust and act
on inner intuitive direction and outer natural guidance. You can
reclaim the power to stand in your Personal Truth and awaken the
Wise Shaman within.


Enrich yourself by going to places of Primal Life Force to
purify and cleanse with wind and water. Experience the Outdoors
as an ever-changing river, bubbling past obstacles, washing away
what is no longer needed, carving out new niches, flowing into
expanded territory and providing life-enhancing energy.


Learn to employ the physical universe as an accurate and
liberating reflection of your consciousness. Use the natural
physical world to reveal the true workings going on behind the
surface appearance of all earthly form.


Wilderness demands you seek the shortest, easiest, most
pragmatic, do-able way to address any endeavor, which develops a
keen eye to see the most efficient and effective way to proceed
under in any situation. You cultivate the art of improvisation,
quick adjustment and rapid adaptation.


Open to the joy of life as a spontaneous, wondrous treasure hunt.
Ignite Kundalini energy in sacred springs. Hike a rainbow!
Embrace cosmic ecstasy and then ground that joy into your
everyday experience.

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