The Benefits of Adult Disposable Diapers


Perhaps the most recognized form of incontinence absorption is the adult disposable diaper. We have all seen television advertisements for top selling brands like Depends. Adult disposable diapers are similar to diapers used by young children and are very absorptive.

Adult disposable diapers are made from gel-like polymer beads that, when dry, are very small, about the same size as table salt. When they become wet, they expand up to 800 times their original size. These beads are the key component in disposable diapers and are the reason that they are super-absorbent. Incontinence sufferers can choose from a wide range of absorbencies from light to severe incontinence. The beads, and all other materials used in the diapers, are non-toxic to humans, making for a safe and effective means of controlling wetness. Additionally, adult disposable diapers often have elastic in the leg portion that can further prevent leaking urine from escaping.

Adult disposable diapers come not only in varying degrees of absorbencies, but also in various sizes. The most commonly purchased sizes are small, medium and large. You should choose a size that will fit snugly yet comfortably. Diapers that are too large may result in an uncomfortable fit and leave room for leakage onto the body and clothing.

People who use the disposable adult diapers like them for many reasons. Firstly, they are generally more accessible and do not need to be washed and dried. There is no need for additional plastic pants. Others claim that you are better able to keep the skin dry by using a very absorptive adult disposable diaper than a reusable cloth diaper. Cloth diapers have to be changed nearly immediately after becoming soaked, which could pose a problem if you are unable to change it quickly. Disposable diapers need to be changed soon after wetting, but can handle much more absorption than their cloth counterparts.

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