A Look at Adult Cloth Diapers


Nearly 20 million Americans have been diagnosed with some form of incontinence, and so it is no wonder that many companies offer adult cloth diapers for relief. For most cases of the disorder, absorption options can be discrete and very effective.

Adult cloth diapers are usually made from 100% cotton material that allows the skin to “breathe”, unlike traditional disposable adult incontinence diapers. You can usually find the cloth versions in both the traditional kind, which must be pinned, and others that are pull-on versions. In either case, when using adult cloth diapers, it will be necessary to also wear a plastic cover to avoid any leakage.

As you can imagine, both cloth and disposable diapers have their benefits as well as disadvantages. One of the strongest arguments in favor of adult cloth diapers is that they are washable, and therefore reusable. If you have a serious incontinence problem, the ability to reuse the diaper may save you hundreds of dollars a year. Once you have purchased the adult cloth diapers and the plastic cover-up pants (to prevent leakage), you can simply wash, dry and reuse them. With disposable diapers, you do not have the option of washing or reusing.

Another positive outcome of using adult cloth diapers, as opposed to using disposable diapers, is lessening the negative impact on the environment. Since we know that some 19 million people in the U.S. suffer from incontinence, the number of disposable adult diapers in our landfills is nearly inconceivable. Eco-friendly people often cite these statistics in their arguing the benefits of using non-disposable diapers.

Every incontinence sufferer will have his or her opinion on which is best. Disposable diapers can be much more convenient and accessible.  At the same time, they are more expensive in the long run. Adult cloth diapers can be reused and you are only spending money once to buy your supplies. On the other hand, some people do not believe that they are as convenient and prefer the disposable alternative.

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