The Anti-Aging Dilemma


Since the very dawn of our species and consciousness itself, we have struggled against the effects of aging. Once vibrant creatures with tight skin and toned bodies, we cringe more and more as the years go by when looking in the mirror. It serves as a cruel reminder that time is unforgiving and that we seem utterly powerless to curb its effects upon our bodies. The loss of the libido and sexual appetite with the passing of time is more psychological than the result of biology. Sexual desire is strongly linked to how we perceive ourselves and it is very difficult to believe that our bodies are wanted by others when the mirror constantly reminds us of the wrinkles and aging marks we have gained in the passing years.

Both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community have expended great effort to help us fight the effects of aging with varying degrees of success. Plastic surgery has literally become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and there seems no limit to how far we will go to avoid the aging dilemma. Botulism, a dangerous form of food poisoning, has even been summoned up in our cause to defy time as it is the key ingredient in the Botox® drug. While a useful tool in the fight against aging, even its makers concede that it can have serious side effects such as: bruising, difficulty in breathing, muscle weakness, headaches and even dizziness. And yet, people line up for these treatments that must be repeated every few months because none of us want to admit defeat in the struggle against aging. We will eventually win this fight and preserve not only our skin but also our very sexuality but there has to be a better way than painful injections, doesn’t there?

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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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