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We all know someone that either has cancer now or has died from it. Cancer is the Bubonic Plague of our times and despite billions of dollars in research, chemotherapy remains one of the most popular forms of treatment within the established medical community. Although chemotherapy is without question an effective means of attacking and killing cancer, an astounding 96% of all cancer patients who die do so because of complications arising from the treatment itself and not the cancer! This is because chemotherapy does not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells within the host body—it attacks and kills all cells indiscriminately! Often, patients receiving chemotherapy notice a drastic reduction in energy along with other side-effects such as vomiting, loss of appetite and much more! What is wrong with this picture?

But cancer remains treatable in most cases and there are definitely more options available to patients other than the common treatments used within the medical community today! For instance, have you ever heard of a Targeted Cancer Cell Regimen? This radical and highly effective treatment actually starves the tumor cells while leaving normal cells alone! Scientists have even discovered cancer-seeking agents that are several thousand times smaller than the average cell which actively attack the tumor at its source and inhibit feeding, resulting in a non-toxic destruction of the cancer! There are numerous other “alternative” treatment options available to cancer sufferers without the harmful side-effects of traditional treatments including: herbal remedies, substances which prevent a tumor from metastasizing, and many more that many in the established medical community do not even offer as potential options!

There is indeed a great reason for hope among cancer sufferers for recovery in this day and age and numerous alternatives to the traditional treatments which DO NOT have dangerous side-effects! These alternative treatments have been proven to reverse, and in many cases, completely reverse cancer’s destruction within the body. Before committing to some option that has only a 4% success rate, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least look at the other options available to you?

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