Ten ways to reduce Stress

Ten ways to reduce Stress

Last time I told you how bad stress is for your health. I also told you I would give you some tips to reduce stress,Ten ways to reduce Stress Articles here they are:

1. Exercise. Exercise not only burns off the stress you have it also makes your body more able to manage stress in the future. It does not need to be hard. Even a short walk can help you distress.

2. Organize. Disorganization at home or work is a symptom of and a cause of an unorganized mind. Clean up your appearance and physical surroundings. They are within your control. You always will feel better by cleaning you house. Note: A portion of individuals are obsessive-compulsive about these things. If you are admit to yourself, then use that energy to improve your diet or personal relationships or to exercise or funnel it into some other positive direction you will have less of a compulsion and be less obsessive. Vanity is just as bad as sloth. Try to find a happy medium.

3. Sleep. You need to be rested to best face your day

4. Level your blood sugar. The hard way is to perfectly balance all you meals. The easy way is to eat ½ teaspoon a day of cinnamon in your breakfast of morning beverage.

5. Smile. Have a positive attitude. If you assume that good thinks will happen, they will. Unfortunately the reverse it true also. The choice is yours.

6. Take a hot shower. This helps to drain tension and toxins from the body.

7. Eat a balanced meal.

8 Drink a beer* If you are 21 or older. Notice it says “a” beer not “beer”. Drinking too much is very bad for you. Studies show drinking one alcoholic beverage a day reduces heart disease and hypertension.

9. If you feel jittery, panicky, or nervous, close you eyes and take a deep breath. Often these conditions persist because of lack of oxygen in the bloodstream.

10. Drink a cup of green tea. Read the back issue to see all the benefits of green tea. It is also a great substitute for smoking or stress eating.

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