Summer Skin Blues!


Sunlight, heat and chemical ingredients from your body products! It’s quite a dangerous mixture topping your skin. I learned in science lab,way back when, to be especially careful of chemicals and heat exposure.

Get the picture?

Simply bathing on a daily basis will not help.

Skin needs to be nourished and revitalized even when you’re not outside. Drinking plenty of water is a big factor in healthy skin and of course your sun block when outside.

But what about the soap, shampoo and lotions you apply to your bodyeveryday?

You have to do it. You want to do it. So do it right with naturally nourishing bath and spa products!

“Our Perfect Scents” offers a wide variety of fragrances for all of yourbath and body needs, for half the cost of famous brand names. You can even invent your own personal scent at no extra cost. Imagine how yourfriends will envy you!

“Our Perfect Scents” makes your orders fresh as soon as it’s processed. So your product isn’t sitting on a dusty shelf for months before you applyit to your skin. You wouldn’t eat month-old food would you? What you apply to your skin is just the same as you digesting it, only you can’t taste it!

“Our Perfect Scents” offers creamy lotions that aren’t greasy and full of mineral oil. Refreshing bath products with long-lasting fragrances thataren’t over-powering to your nose. There is even spa accessories, a mens line and stuff for the kids. All at unbeatable prices with a full guarantee!

Place your order before July 1, 2005 and receive a special surprise bonusas a free gift to you with a purchase of $25 or more! You can’t lose witha 100% money back guarantee.

Hurry now!

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