Strong Men Weep As Teen-Age Boys Are Dying To Have Better Bodies


Healthy fitness guru sees new urgency in educating young people about gaining mass and losing fat with exercise, diet, and supplementation.

“It’s enough to make a grown man cry, and it did,” says fitness expert Anthony Ellis of Mark McGwire’s testimony before Congress on the subject of illegal drug use. “He almost lost it when talking about teenagers who committed suicide after doing steroids.”

Like McGwire, Ellis was deeply affected by the heart-breaking stories told by Ray and Denise Garibaldi and Don Hooton, parents of two teen-age boys whose suicides have been linked to steroid use. But unlike McGwire who many believe was himself a steroid user and now doing too little too late to discourage young men from abusing them, Ellis is taking a proactive approach with Gaining Mass!, a natural, healthy alternative for adolescents and adults of both sexes who are struggling to put on weight.

Gaining Mass! is a complete, step-by-step training and nutritional program for hardgainers. Based in nature not chemistry, Gaining Mass! is written for beginners, but contains cutting-edge information that will benefit even the most experienced fitness follower. Helping them to gain weight and build muscle mass. It’s appropriate for athletes trying to get their game on, for armchair quarterbacks who want to look and feel better and, says Ellis, “It’s for anyone who has ever felt the pain of being skinny.”

Who Is Anthony Ellis?
A self-proclaimed “average guy” who was “fed up with being a 135-pound weakling,” Ellis was able to achieve a miraculous transformation of his own body…without steroids. Instead of taking the easy road and succumbing to the lure of the “magic pill,” Ellis studied, did research, tested and re-tested, and ultimately was able to develop Gaining Mass!, all-natural, muscle gaining techniques and strategies especially designed for people who have trouble with weight gain.

“I want to help other people who are struggling the way I was to achieve the same results that I have without putting their lives at risk,” he says. “I gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks, I reduced my body fat by 3% (from 10% to 7%), and I did it naturally,” he says with undisguised pride. To give proof to his claims, Ellis displays his personal before-and-after pictures on his website. “When people see what my body used to look like and what it looks like now, they know my system is for real. That’s why they get on-board. To get the results they’ve been dreaming of with a natural system they never dreamed existed.”

Ellis notes that his is not the only success story owed to the Gaining Mass! system he developed. There are more than 70,000 healthy fitness fans in 100 countries worldwide that have changed their bodies and their lives with Gaining Mass!

At the core of Ellis’ program are “sane, rational, total-health-oriented ideas” on how to structure a diet to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum, what nutritional supplements actually work for gaining mass, and even the best time to eat to increase muscle and minimize fat gain.

Gaining Mass! also addresses the best way to train and which exercises to avoid when training. And for busy people who say, “I don’t have time,” Ellis offers a way to structure a training routine that can reduce gym time and increase results.

“Gaining mass with steroids is Russian Roulette with a weight-gain regimen that can compromise your health and even kill you. But gaining mass with a program of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation “is the body-smart way to achieve the highest levels of fitness and health,” Ellis says emphatically. “It’s simply a matter of knowing the right path to follow.” There’s no magic involved,” he admits. “Just hard work, smart eating and consistent training.”

Ellis has also created an eye-opening 5-part report on healthy muscle gain to help educate consumers, especially at-risk adolescents. “Learn What You MUST Know to Gain Mass FAST!” is a free instant download is available only at:

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