Seven reasons to do Pilates fundamentals

Seven reasons to do Pilates fundamentals

1. Feel younger – “days go by so quickly”,Seven reasons to do Pilates fundamentals. Articles “time flyes”, Do you find youself thinking and feeling this way? Slow down take some time to yourself to feel younger.

2. Less stressed – Do you ever feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder? Let me show you how to release some of the burden and give it to someone else.

3. More rejuvenated – Do you ever feel sluggish do to lack of sleep or energy? Re-energize with some soothing music, a good nights sleep and a calming voice to encourage you to move very sutlely.

4. Stand taller – Do you feel like you have lost height even from when you first started your day? Let Pilates encourage your body to build the strength and relaxation into your body to assist with standing taller.

5. Walk with the grace of a dancer – Ever notice the way you are walking? Would you like to walk with ease and economy? Pilates can relieve pain in the hips and legs to support your body and walk easier.

6. Toned body – Would you like your pants to fit a little looser? Pilates will help move things in a way to assist with your toning goals.

7. Focused mind – Would you like to do more of the things you like? Pilates encourages you to be in the now and will calm the brain so you can focus on one thing at a time.

Sharon says, “after 3 weeks of doing Pilates with Karen my shoulders feel great.”

Kevin says “after 6 weeks of Pilates I am able to walk with no cane. I have MS and have found Pilates of great benefit.”

“I like Pilates. I think you do an awesome job! I like that you’re able to help us adapt to the challenges we have.You’re very encouraging with us beginners. I plan to rejoin when the 12 wks. are up.
Thanks!” Grace

Two seniors upon visiting their doctors for their annual visit were told they have increased 1″ in height from doing Pilates.

Can you imagine the experience of moving your body to relaxing music in a subtle way. Image feeling taller, more relaxed, younger, rejuvenated, sharp mind and walk with the grace of a dancer.

All you have to do is decide to feel this way. Make the choice to have your body feel great! Soft soothing music, soft voice inspiring you to move in subtle ways to release a days worth of stress. Decide to feel the way you felt as a youngster or better. Decide to commit about 18-20 minutes of your time when you come home from work or play to listen and be guided through movement.

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