Motivation: Why do you want to do it anyway?

Motivation: Why do you want to do it anyway?

Finding the right motivation for any goal we take on in life,Motivation: Why do you want to do it anyway? Articles will greatly enhance the chances of us actually succeeding and completing the goal successfully.

Very often we decide that we need to lose weight , but don’t really give ourselves a very good reason for doing
so, and as such, we don’t take on the task with the gusto and commitment that it really needs for us to see it through.

By sitting down and giving some serious thought to why you want to lose weight, it will take you a long way towards you actually meeting your expectations, and succeeding in your attempts.

Here are some questions you may wish to consider:

1. Healthier lifestyle: How does not being able to participate in events, play with the children or get about
with your friends make you feel? Wouldn’t you like to be the one that is able to get out and do all the things that this world has to offer?

2. Family concerns: Your family is in as much danger as you. Your habits will be passed on to your children, as
will the health issues that are associated with being overweight. You must also consider how your condition is affecting the whole family, and how any health issues will impact the family as a whole. I’m sure as a parent you will want the very best for your children. You need to ask yourself if you are setting a good example for them.

3. Personal Satisfaction: While we don’t necessarily need to look like a model, we do tend to feel better about
ourselves when we have a better self image of ourselves.

Being physically happy will help you to be mentally happy also. Imagine yourself wearing your dream outfit or
performing an activity you are no longer able to do in your present state. Imagine how good that will make you feel.

4. Medical necessity: What is the cost to your health medically if you are unfit and overweight? The statistics
are mounting up concerning the diseases and health issues that are now prevalent in our society due to the epidemic of an over-weight and obese society. Do you really want to die earlier than is necessary, or become a burden to your family? Just the monetary costs alone can be crippling to a lot of households, and many could use that money for other commitments in life. Can you afford it?

As you can see, once we have clearly defined purposes for wanting to lose weight, we can now use these reasons as a major part of our motivation to seeing it through.
You must now take all this motivation you have gathered and start to develop a real Can Do attitude. By “Can Do”, I
mean you must totally believe that you will be able to achieve your goal, and live that goal for the rest of your
life. Without this total belief in yourself, your task will become so much harder and you may find that you fall off the rails and revert back to the old habits that you are
used to.

So, have you got the right stuff to see this through?

Only you can honestly answer this question, and only after you have gone through the previous steps will you start to discover if you are on a weight program for the right motivating reasons, or whether it is just a whim that is destined for failure.

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