Don’t call it a disease!

Don’t call it a disease!

They are now calling being overweight a disease.
Well,Don’t call it a disease! Articles what next!
You’ve really got to wonder whether calling being overweight a disease a good idea at all.
I mean, it’s not like a conventional disease in the sense that you can go off to a doctor and get a prescription
written out for. This is very ifferent and should be treated as such.

The biggest mistake we make with being overweight is trying to fit our condition into a nice pigeon hole. Call
it a name and then sit back and let someone else take responsibility for it. When we give something a medical
name, we tend to hand over any control of that problem to someone else, blaming it on “your condition” and wait for someone else to find the solution to it.

We couldn’t be more WRONG!

The reality behind it all is that no matter how you look at it (physical and/or medical conditions aside of course)we are the ones that are responsible for continually pushing more food down our throat than we actually need to survive.
Remember, no one is forcing us to perform this daily ritual.

It’s something we have learned to do over the years that has now become our way of life.

The real issue is coming to terms with why we are consistently doing this. Most of us are aware that we are
overeating, yet why are we unable to stop the routine of this daily feasting?

Let’s consider some of the reasons why we might do this:

1. It feels good to eat. We substitute food as a means of comforting ourselves. Food becomes our best friend, or even our soul mate.

2. Boredom. With such a big diverse world full of stimulus, we still find nothing more exciting than eating
to pass the time away!

3. Frustration. What happens when we get frustrated with our lives, work, family and going ons’ around us? Again we turn to food as a form of comfort to help us through these times.

4. Fear. We live in an uncertain world. Crime, work pressures, family pressures, all combining to make us look for a source of comfort, and that tends to be food again.

So, what must we do to break these habits that we have so easily formed?
Well, firstly we need to stop looking at this as a problem someone else needs to find a solution to.
Like it or not, this is your problem and you need to take ownership of it.

Take a deep breath, look in the mirror and accept that this is your issue and accept that only you can truly find the reasons why you are overweight.

Accept this, and you are truly on your way to finding the answer to your weight problem, and then you can start down the road to finding a solution that will work for you permanently.

Can you now start to see why this issue should not be pigeon-holed into some nice medical term? Giving ownership of the issue to someone/something else will only end up keeping you from totally coming to terms with yourself.

Imagine how fantastic this will make you feel inside. Once you take ownership of the problem, you then have immediate control over it rather than it controlling you, and you can begin to find meaningful ways to address it.

As humans, we all have this ability make decisions. Let it be you that makes the decisions for you. Don’t allow circumstances or anyone else to have that control.

Be the one that decides your future, you will love yourself for it.

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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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