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Our body was made to carry out the commands of the mind and to do those things we bid it to do. We have no trouble kicking up our legs or reaching out with our hand; however some how we have trouble believing when we start telling our bodies to heal itself. Using affirmations and visualizing will heal your body. Are you having trouble with illness and dis-ease then try some of these affirmations today or better yet take these and put them in your own words.

I am abundantly healthy.

My mind/body is one unit so, as I would direct my hand to reach out ,I now direct my body and it is healed.

I send all the healing power of my body to my dis-ease and it is healed.

I love and appreciate this dis-ease for what it has to teach me.

I deserve to have abundant health and I claim it as my natural state of being now.

Unless you truly believe that your body will obey you then you

Do you believe these statements or the ones you have written. The first step in healing is just believing you can heal yourself.

The body is constantly looking for abundant health. It replaces hair and skin. It will heal a cold without you and all the over the counter medicines you take. It fights infection. It can heal your bones when they are broken. It always heals if you get out of its way and allow it to do what it does. So why do we believe our bodies can easily heal some dis-eases and not others.

The spoken word has more power than just thinking an affirmation. That is because we are bringing the spoken word into the physical plane. Write your affirmations down. Put them on sticky notes and paste them where you will see them often.

Now when you begin to heal all kinds of old stuff may start coming up. Just acknowledge it and if there is something you can heal about it then do that with affirmations and visualizing it is healed. But do not wonder why it is coming up the Universe is trying to show you what caused the dis-ease. You also may draw a lot of annoying people into your life. They annoy you for they are a mirror of what you need to heal. The universe has a way of presenting us with a mirror of our dis-ease so we can see it. That is one of the ways I feel the Universe shows its love for us.

Continue believing you are already healed. This is important do not talk in terms of healing but see yourself as already healed.

To your mind, body and soul being abundantly healthy

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