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The home is where all… if not most personal health care activity takes place. With this in mind, it makes sense to have a well stocked health care kit at home. This kit will contain all the appropriate tools and medications you will need. All these items should be stored in one central location and be inaccessible to small children.

You should keep the following items in your health care kit:

Cold Pack – These are the blue bags of gel that you can buy for your cooler to keep food cold. They work just as well for medical purposes. These are preferred over ice. Ice melts and gets everything wet.

Medicine Spoon – This isn’t really a spoon. It is a tube with marks to measure dosages. Using the “spoon” makes it easier to give the recommended dosages. Clean after every use.

Humidifier/Vaporizer – Having one of these will add moisture to the air, helping to soothe dry throats and hacking coughs. They also make the home more comfortable in the winter when the air is normally dry.

Otoscope – If you have something in your ear. An otoscope will come in handy. This is the little light with a cone on it used for looking in the ear.

Penlight – Although a flashlight is handy, a pen light is handier. When examining an area whether on your own person or on another, the penlight can be held in the mouth if both hands are needed.

Thermometer – The common medical thermometer is always a good tool to have on hand. The new digital thermometers are easier to use and very accurate. Get whichever your budget will allow.

Blood Pressure Equipment – You can now measure your own blood pressure without the traditional blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. Handy and accurate blood pressure measuring equipment is available at a decent price. Add a stethoscope to the kit anyway, they can still come in handy.

A good supply of over the counter medications. Aspirin, cough medicines etc. Don’t forget the syrup of ipecac. This is used to induce vomiting. Especially useful when you have small children around the house.

Other items that don’t need narration are scissors, gauze, tweezers, nail clippers, heating pad (for that achy back), eyedropper, and a dental mirror.

You should also keep these on hand. Band-Aids, elastic bandages, butterfly bandages, cotton balls, and safety pins.

If you have children under the age of six, you may want to add an aspirator bulb and a rectal thermometer.

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