Have You Ever Run Energy?

Have You Ever Run Energy?

Have you ever run energy? Do you know what *running energy* means? (I know that this may be something foreign to many of you at first,Have You Ever Run Energy? Articles but then that’s how you learn, right?)

If you haven’t run energy before, you probably have questions. Your questions might be: What is *energy* specifically? Who runs energy? Why do they do it? How can I do it? What does it do? How can it help ME?

First off, energy is like a tingling or a warmth in your hand, a feeling you get in your body that something is there that wasn’t a minute ago. You can direct that energy with your mind.

For instance, watch your hand. Wait for the tingle, warmth, or whatever, that may show up in your fingertips, your palm, or wherever, just from your concentration. Now when you feel that feeling, in your mind, take it from where it was, let’s say it’s in your fingertips, and move it down your finger. You have just run energy.

Wasn’t that great? Now, on to your other questions.

Who runs energy?
Answer: Anyone can run energy.

Why do they do it?
Answer: Once you learn to run energy, you can direct healing energy to a place that has pain. Everyone is different, and therefore use it for different purposes, but that is one answer as to why people do it. Another might be for more warmth.

What does energy do?
Answer: It soothes the pain. It can help with circulation, also.

How can it help ME?
Answer: Learning how to run energy can help you help yourself in times of need.

Let’s say you have arthritis. You are just beginning to get it in your fingers. If you spend five minutes 3 times a day running energy through each of your fingers, you will feel a difference in your finger joints. Once you learn how to do that, you can run the energy through other joints and help the pain ease there also. Once you learn to instantaneously run energy, you will be
able to lower or eliminate pain in many areas immediately.

You can do this in your spare time, no less. Let’s say you are sitting at the dentist office, you are nervous and your tooth hurts. That’s a great time to run energy, both in your teeth and gums and in your stomach! When you learn how to help yourself, you can show others how to help themselves also!

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