Why Take Supplements Today? Where can you find good supplements?

Why Take Supplements Today? Where can you find good supplements?

Many of us feel secure that if we buy the right foods and take store
bought vitamins,Why Take Supplements Today? Where can you find good supplements? Articles we will get all the nourishment our body needs to
function properly. I wish this was true, but a conclusion can be evident by
very simple common sense. We must look at where the food is grown.
Imagine soil that has been used for over 100 years to grow things we
consume. Where do all the nutrients come from that are absorbed by the
plants? The soil can only give up so much before it is void of these vital
nutrients. Only soil that is replenished by continuous erosion or wash over
can receive new nutrients. Farmers only need three chemicals to assist
plants to grow properly that lack nutrients.

How does this effect us? Our bodies are lacking in so many nutrients
that it is hard to function the way we should without getting tired. Am I
right? Sometimes people say that this is the way it is and ignore the fact
that they could feel better. What about your own immune system?
Without a properly functioning immune system, you become susceptible
to colds, flu and allow your body to weaken. The end result can be fatal
as we can get afflicted with some terminal diseases.

What is the long term effect of allowing your body to degenerate? Aging
faster is one of the side effects of neglect. We’re more susceptible to
major ailments such as cancer. Nutrients play a key role in how cells
function. The stronger your cells become, the stronger your immune
system is! The immune system is your army to fight off disease. You also
feel better and have more energy to do more as well as fight off stress!

Due to our fast paced society, stress plays a key role in oxidation of
cells…hence antioxidants are born! I know you’ve heard of these.
Oxidation causes “Free Radical” damage that is ongoing in our cells.
Free Radicals cause cell damage by taking electrons from healthy cells.
This ongoing damage can be fatal as well as making us feel tired.

Now that we know why we need to take supplements, where do we go
to buy them and what are the key nutrients we should intake? This can
be a major headache as most of us aren’t sure what to take. So now we
head off to the health food store or just go to the grocery store and get
some? I know of one person who has done all the homework for us, Dr.
Earl Mindell, author of many nutritional health books. The revolution of
vitamins came when he introduced his book called “The Vitamin Bible.”

Now people wanted to know what are vitamins and what key roles do
they play in body function? Dr. Mindell broke down this barrier by
educating people on what vitamins do. Other books he has written are
“The Soy Miracle,” “The Antioxidant Handbook,” “The Anti-Aging Bible”
and many more. And now finally, after many years, he decided to
formulate a product that has just about everything your body needs to
function properly. I have done exhaustive research to find the best of the
best. Well, low and behold, I found the company that Dr. Mindell
formulates for, FreeLife.

Now, what is this miraculous product that has 157 nutrients, that I
discovered, “The Basic Mindell Plus.” My next step would entail going to
the famous health food store to see what it would take to duplicate this
formula. Low and behold, a wake up call! With “The Basic Mindell Plus,” I
would take 8 tablets per day at a monthly cost of $75.00 shipped to my
doorstep. To duplicate this at the famous health food store, I would have
to consume over 90 tablets per day at a cost of well over $500.00 and
guess what? I would still be missing 26 of the nutrients from “The Basic
Mindell Plus”!!! Wow!!! By all means, do your own research as well! Print
off the list of ingredients from the website, take the list and compare

Well, this should be a wake up call for everyone and the real key is that
you do need to supplement in order to allow your body to function
properly and ward off diseases. To view all of FreeLife’s products, simply
go to this website for review: http://www.healthinnovations.freelife.com.
My e-mail is on the top left of the first page. If Health & Prevention are
your top priority, you need to see this website.

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