Does Growing Old Scare You?

Does Growing Old Scare You?

Does growing old scare you? So much that you hate even talking about growing old?

Do you have a vision of nursing homes and loss of control and being dependent on your children when they should be enjoying their lives,Does Growing Old Scare You? Articles not taking care of you?

Well, here’s a question: What are your role models? Evidently not someone who looks good and feels good, no matter how old they are or what life throws at him or her.

Would you like to change? Just think about it for a moment.

All I’m suggesting is that maybe you are looking in the wrong places. Maybe you are acquainted with nursing homes filled with people who are just like you think you will be. Maybe you are listening to others talk about their aches and pains and how it only gets worse.

Do you see an *age spot* and get panicky?

Well, heck. Maybe all this is good — maybe it’s a wake-up call. Maybe now is the time to figure out how you can make your older years happier years. Because let’s face it. You’re probably going to be around for a long time. Why not take control now so your coming years will be worth growing into.

How about doing this? Refuse to look at people *stuck* away in nursing homes.

Now, wait a minute before you think that is heartless. Here is what I mean. Refuse to look at people *stuck* away in nursing homes AS THEY ARE.

See that person over there sitting by himself, talking to himself? When you look at him, why not refuse to see him as he appears. Instead, see the inside of this person — and that’s who you go over and talk to. You know why? Because what goes around, comes around. If you don’t take the time to make this person happy, who will take the time to make you happy?

Here’s an important question: If you don’t try with others now, why would anyone try with you later?

If you don’t take time to help others now, that is the seed you will be planting for your later years. Don’t do that. Decide now to keep your mind busy with how you can help others help themselves now — not on the future you are attracting by thinking of how you will be.

Remember this forever. You grow into what you are thinking now.

Are you picking out your retirement home — a home of your own to retire in?

Or your retirement *room?*

Do you kid around now saying, this is our last house before the Home?

Well, why don’t you stop that? There are plenty of very productive older people out there living, being, having their dreams come true. They aren’t saying *I wish I’d have died the minute I turned old.*

They are the age they are, they’ve accepted it and are doing a lot of great things DESPITE being what others are calling old. Now, granted, they could be home laying in bed, getting ready to die because life as they knew it is over.

What type of person would you rather be?

Pick someone out and keep that person as your mentor. Because, as you may know, if you aren’t consciously picking your aged mentor now, you are Unconsciously picking him or her — and I’ll bet it’s not one you wish to emulate.

Take charge of your growing older years. Grow old with love, not trepidation. Good luck and let me know how it’s going. I care.

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